About Us

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) provides assistance to the MBL research community by identifying funding opportunities, reviewing and approving proposals, negotiating awards, and managing the requirements and terms of the awards. As steward of the MBL’s externally-funded research portfolio, OSP is responsible for ensuring that all research proposals and projects adhere to MBL & sponsor research policies. Additionally, OSP ensures that the MBL meets its obligations to external sponsors throughout the life of an award. The Director of Research Administration & Sponsored Programs is the designated authorized official for purposes of approving proposals and negotiating and accepting awards on behalf of the MBL.

Specifically, the Office of Sponsored Programs performs the following services for the MBL community:

  • identifies and disseminates funding opportunity information;
  • performs reviews of all proposals for compliance with sponsor requirements and MBL policies before submission to any outside agency;
  • assists in the creation and/or verifies the accuracy and reasonableness of proposal budgets and budget justifications;
  • undertakes administrative liaison activities with sponsors and collaborating institution points of contact regarding funding, periods of performance, reporting, prior approval requests, closeout, and other matters;
  • negotiates agreements with external sources & subrecipient organizations on behalf of
    the MBL;
  • prepares subawards to be issued to collaborating institutions;
  • manages payment(s) to subawardees and ensures that subawardees meet sponsor regulatory requirements;
  • coordinates the creation of a new award, maintenance of that award, and closeout activities with Grants Accounting and the Principal Investigator;
  • manages effort reporting and other reporting as required by the Sponsor;
  • provides statistical and other reports to the board and the MBL community;
  • represents the MBL at meetings and conferences of importance to the research community and disseminates information and updates;
  • ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements throughout the life of an award;
  • maintains federal representations and certifications on behalf of the MBL