Subawardee vs. Vendor vs. Professional Service (Consultant)

Use this checklist to determine what type of relationship is most appropriate for your project when working with an individual, company, or organization. It is important to consider the substance of the relationship when determining which type exists.  OSP verifies the relationship during its review of your project. If the project is funded and the entity is a subawardee or consultant, an agreement will be established.

OMB Uniform Guidance Part 200, Subpart D, Post Federal Award Requirements, defines subawardee and vendor/professional service (consultant) relationships as follows:

Subawardee (Subrecipient/ Subcontractor) is defined as a non-federal entity that expends Federal/State awards received from a pass- through entity to carry out a Federal/State program, but does not include an individual that is a beneficiary of such a program. It may also be a recipient of other Federal/State awards directly from a Federal/State awarding agency.

Vendor/Professional Service (Consultant) is defined as a dealer, distributor, merchant, or other seller providing goods or services that are required for the conduct of a Federal/State program. These goods or services may be for an organization’s own use or for the use of beneficiaries of the Federal/State program. (*see checklist above for further clarification between the two types)

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