We encourage applicants from both the biological and physical / computational sciences. For biology students, this course will complement PhD coursework by its emphasis on practical microscopy and merging computation with experiment. For physical science students, it will provide an intensive introduction to the problems and tools of experimental cell biology, in a computation-friendly environment. Women, minorities, and non-US citizens are encouraged to apply. Biologists- we can guarantee that this course will dramatically influence how you approach your research. Physical Scientists- this is best course in the world to immerse yourself in the practice of biology.

**Do not worry about funding when applying. No one has been refused admission because of finances and very generous scholarships are available. The details of financing with your institution/MBL do not need to be settled at the time of the application. No one will be denied based upon financial considerations.

Students finishing their first or second year of graduate school will benefit greatly from attending this Course. The Course will provide valuable training for thinking through and executing their thesis work. Postdoctoral fellows and even junior faculty who wish to re-train for new research directions (e.g. physical scientists who wish to enter biology or medical/biological scientists who wish to incorporate quantitative approaches in their work) also will greatly benefit. Undergraduates will not be accepted, except under exceptional circumstances of considerable prior scientific experience and motivation.

Students should expect to work hard (including evening laboratory sessions) and participate in all Course activities.

A committee of six individuals makes decisions on student admissions. The committee also seeks a diversity of individuals in the course (different institutions, countries, academic backgrounds).

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