Linda Deegan


Who Am I?

In addition to being an MBL Fellow, I am senior scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center. Until recently, I was a senior scientist in the MBL’s Ecosystem Center.

What do I do?

I am interested in the relationships between ecosystem dynamics and animal populations, particularly in aquatic ecosystems because of their importance in connecting landscape elements through the flow of water and animals. My research combines the ecosystem perspective of energy and nutrient flows with traditional population and community dynamics. For example, I work the importance of fish in exporting nutrients and carbon between lakes and streams, the effect of habitat degradation on coastal fish communities, and the response of fish to ecosystem alterations induced by climate change in arctic streams.

Why do I come to the MBL?

The MBL is world-renowned for it’s work on ecosystems across the globe. I work with my colleagues at The Ecosystems Center on questions about the function of ecosystems and their responses to climate change and anthropogenic disturbance in coastal ecosystems and in the Arctic.

What do I plan to do/work on at the MBL
I will work with my colleagues at The Ecosystem Center on two main projects. The first is with the Plum Island Long-term Ecological Research program on the influence of coastal eutrophication and sea-level rise on saltmarsh ecosystem structure and function and it’s effects on marine organisms. The second is associated with the Arctic Long-term Ecological Research program on the effects of altered landscape and ecosystem function on highly migratory fish.

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