Computation & Modeling

Last Name First Name Title Affiliation Office Location
Eren A. Murat MBL Fellow Bay Paul Center
La Rivière Patrick MBL Fellow Bell Center
Mathger Lydia Assistant Research Scientist Bell Center Rowe 406
Melillo Jerry M. Distinguished Scientist Ecosystems Center Starr 221
Oldenbourg Rudolf Senior Scientist Bell Center Lillie 110
Rastetter Edward B. Senior Scientist Ecosystems Center Starr 234
Shribak Michael Associate Scientist Bell Center Lillie 113/ 112
Tang Jianwu Associate Scientist Ecosystems Center Starr 317
Vallino Joseph J. Senior Scientist Ecosystems Center Starr 330

Whitman Center Scientists

Last Name First Name Title Primary Affiliation Lab Assignment
Chang Fred Whitman Scientist University of California, San Francisco Lillie 223
Gatlin Jesse Whitman Scientist University of Wyoming Lillie 225, 226
Kaczmarek Leonard Whitman Scientist Yale University Rowe 213
Khodakhah Kamran Whitman Scientist Albert Einstein College of Medicine Rowe 215, 201, 222, 223
Llinas Rodolfo Whitman Scientist NYU School of Medicine Rowe 208, 209
Rosen Michael Whitman HHMI Lab University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Rowe 319, 320, 321, 302
Ross William Whitman Scientist New York Medical College Rowe 206
Sugimori Mutsuyuki Whitman Scientist NYU/Langone Medical Center Rowe 208, 209
Tytell Eric Whitman Scientist Tufts University Rowe 326, 303
Yuste Rafael Whitman Awardee Columbia University Marine Resources Center 306A-C