Marine Biology & Diversity

Last Name First Name Title Affiliation Office Location
Amaral-Zettler Linda A. MBL Fellow Bay Paul Center
Conte Maureen MBL Fellow Ecosystems Center
Deegan Linda A. MBL Fellow Ecosystems Center Starr 337
Gladfelter Amy MBL Fellow
Giblin Anne E. Senior Scientist Ecosystems Center Starr 318
Gribble Kristin Assistant Research Scientist Bay Paul Center Lillie 302
Hanlon Roger T. Senior Scientist Bell Center Marine Resources Center 215
Huber Julie MBL Fellow Bay Paul Center
Maienschein Jane MBL Fellow Bell Center
Roberson Loretta Associate Scientist Bell Center, Marine Resources Center
Rosenthal Josh Senior Scientist Bell Center, Marine Resources Center
Sánchez Alvarado Alejandro MBL Fellow Bell Center, Marine Resources Center
Sogin Mitchell L. Distinguished Scientist Bay Paul Center Lillie 303

Whitman Center Scientists

Last Name First Name Title Primary Affiliation Lab Assignment
Bennett Michael Whitman Scientist Albert Einstein College of Medicine Lillie 118A
Bock Davi Whitman Awardee Howard Hughes Medical Institute Rowe 326
Colin Sean Whitman Scientist Roger Williams University Rowe 301, 303
Costello Jack Whitman Scientist Providence College Rowe 301, 303
Dawson Scott Whitman Awardee University of California, Davis Lillie 104, 108
Gillis Andrew Whitman Scientist University of Cambridge Loeb 257A
Gorbsky Gary Whitman Awardee Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Rowe 326
Hu Ke Whitman Awardee Indiana University Lillie 341
Kaupp U. Benjamin Whitman Scientist Research Center caesar Rowe 322
Laissue Philippe Whitman Awardee University of Essex Marine Resources Center 205
Lesoway Maryna Whitman Awardee University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Rowe 205
Malamy Jocelyn Whitman Awardee University of Chicago Rowe 219
Mensinger Allen Whitman Scientist University of Minnesota Duluth Marine Resources Center 306D
Minor Paul Whitman Awardee Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University Rowe 210, 211, 212
Mitchison Timothy Whitman Scientist Harvard Medical School Lillie 225, 226
O’Connell Craig Whitman Scientist O’Seas Conservation Foundation, Inc. Marine Resources Center 315
Rome Lawrence Whitman Scientist University of Pennsylvania Rowe 313
Shekhar Shashank Whitman Awardee Brandeis University Rowe 301, 303
Tytell Eric Whitman Scientist Tufts University Rowe 326, 303
Zimmerberg Joshua Whitman Scientist National Institutes of Health Rowe 310