MBL McDonnell Initiative: Bringing History and Philosophy of Science and the Life Sciences together to Transform Discovery

The McDonnell initiative at the MBL facilitates collaborations between history and philosophy of science (HPS) researchers and life scientists with the aim of transforming the research of both fields through interactions and the co-production of knowledge.

This initiative funds the creation of working groups, workshops, and McDonnell-funded Fellows.

The McDonnell Initiative is funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation.

More Information

For more information about the initiative, McDonnell workshops and working groups, or McDonnell Fellowships, please contact Kate MacCord (kmaccord@mbl.edu), Program Administrator and McDonnell Foundation Fellow.  MBL Fellow Jane Maienschein and MBL Research Director David Mark Welch serve as PIs on the project.

Apply to put on a McDonnell workshop or create an MBL-based working group

Funding from the McDonnell initiative is used to support the creation of working groups and workshops at the MBL that bring together HPS researchers with MBL and non-MBL scientists in order to work on problems and questions that cut across these fields.

A successful application for a McDonnell workshop or working group has clear driving questions and draws on the expertise of HPS and the life sciences in order to answer these questions.

Program Dates
Rolling application review

Application information for McDonnell workshops and working groups can be found here. Please send all application documents to Kate MacCord (kmaccord@mbl.edu).

Apply to become a McDonnell Fellow

The McDonnell Fellowship is designed to provide HPS researchers with the opportunity to reside at the MBL, where they will embed themselves in a laboratory, project, or working group and collaborate with MBL scientists. McDonnell Fellows must be committed to engaging with the sciences that they study.

The McDonnell Fellowship covers MBL housing, meals, and travel expenses.

Program Dates
Rolling application review

Fellowship Duration
One to ten weeks, dependent upon the proposed project

Please fill out the following information sheet: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQ0irboCulVlAplpKXYf_oqkUNQAXTLtz0bte_1yq5X4iQ-g/viewform?usp=sf_link and send your CV to Kate MacCord (kmaccord@mbl.edu) to get the application process started.

McDonnell Initiative Reports

The Future of Systematics in Data-Centric Biology

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