Resident Research

The Marine Biological Laboratory is a world-renowned scientific institution dedicated to fundamental biological discovery. Much storied for its convening power, science at the MBL is pursued by over 500 faculty each year, who are attracted to the Laboratory’s highly collaborative and collegial intellectual environment, research facilities, marine resources, and unique blend of intensity and informality that has been the hallmark of MBL science for over 125 years.

Among these more than 500 faculty who come to Woods Hole each year, the MBL is home to about 25 principal investigators who are based at the MBL full-time and focus on some of the most critical questions in biology. These resident faculty serve as a central component of the MBL’s convening power, attracting leading scientists to our unique research and educational resources.

MBL Resident Scientists and their staffs conduct pioneering research in cellular and developmental biology, neurobiology and sensory physiology, microbial sciences, molecular evolution and genomics, and ecosystem science. Current projects include:

  • Understanding the microbial ecology of the sub-seafloor biosphere
  • Identifying the mechanisms of axon and synapse regeneration
  • Generating and exploring new models for understanding the evolution and biology of various traits of interest, including aging, pigmentation, size and metabolic rate
  • Investigating the long-term response of ecosystems to changes in climate
  • Uncovering the mechanisms of adaptive coloration in cephalopods

These research programs are sustained by funding from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies and foundations, and by gifts from individuals.

Invited visitors to a scientific center/program should preregister. For scientific job opportunities within the resident research program, visit our careers web site.