Telephone directory
The directory is available on the MBL intranet ( or on the MBL app (

MBL events/MBL calendar
Information about MBL summer activities (summer courses schedule, evening seminars, Friday Evening Lectures, brown-bag lunches by Whitman Center Research Awardees, etc.) can be found on the MBL calendar at or by downloading the MBL app. Once you have access to MBL’s Intranet (, you can submit an event right from the the intranet calendar (see “submit course event” link on left hand side of page). It will come to the Communications Office for approval. You can designate on the form if it is a public event or internal only. Once it’s on the calendar, it will feed to the intranet calendar, public facing site events calendar, MBL app, and digital signage. This is the preferred way for the MBL to receive items for the calendar.

MBL courses
MBL currently offers advanced, graduate-level courses in Embryology, Physiology, Neurobiology, Neural Systems and Behavior, Microbial Diversity, Frontiers in Reproduction, and Biology of Parasitism for six to eight weeks each summer. More specialized special topics courses (one to four weeks in duration) are also offered during the spring, summer, and fall. Course lectures are open to EVERYONE in the MBL community, and Whitman Center Scientists and Staff are encouraged to attend these and to interact with course faculty and students. For course schedules, visit For information on evening lectures and seminars sponsored by courses, visit Summer Friday Evening Lectures (a 125-year tradition) are open to the general public as well (