Wireless network access is available to everyone in the MBL Community while on campus. The MBL offers multiple available wireless networks to address the varying connection requirements for all members of the MBL Community. Information about access to any of the following networks can be obtained from the IT office at,, or call 508-289-7654.

  • MBL-GUEST:  MBL offers wireless guest Internet access on the “MBL-GUEST” network in all buildings on the main campus.  Refer to signs posted on campus for the password or contact the IT office.
  • MBL-REGISTER:  For access to the MBL private network, contact the IT office or refer to information at the IT website on MBL’s Intranet.
  • eduroam:  Provides access to the “eduroam” secure wireless network and is available to users whose home institution is also an “eduroam” Identity Provider such as UChicago.

Ethernet data jacks with direct access to the MBL network are available to all dormitories and apartments. Several computers, one printer, and six phone jacks (for use with laptops with modems) are available on the first floor of the Swope Center. Additional computers, as well as photocopiers, can be found in the Library on the second floor of Lillie.

You will find up-to-date MBL information and frequently used internal documents on the Intranet.  In order to log on, you will need your 2017 MBL card, which you will receive on check in at the front desk of Swope Center.  Once you have your card, you can access the Intranet at (access will coincide with the start and end dates on your 2017 MBL card).  Your username will be your first initial, last initial, and your MBL card number which can be found under the barcode on your physical MBL card (e.g., cd12345).  Your initial password is the same as your username, however, you can change that password by going to and setting up a new password of your own.  Once you have a new password, we recommend you visit and review your emergency contact information.

A tool called Labshare has been set up for requesting and sharing chemicals, dry ice, equipment, etc., within the MBL scientific community.  Simply click onto and follow the instructions to “Subscribe to Labshare.”  This link also gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe at the end of your stay.

MBL Mobile App
The MBL has created an easy-to-use app for your smart phone and tablet.  From your device go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for “Marine Biological Laboratory.”  The teal-colored logo will appear, and you can easily download it to your device giving you quick access to maps, events, shuttle schedules, phone directory, news, and more (see for more information).