Equipment rentals
If you have rented equipment in advance, please pick it up in the Apparatus Department in Lillie 8A. If you need additional equipment, please contact or 508-289-7444 (x7444). Apparatus can also help you with gas cylinders, regulators, and dry ice.

General use rooms
Located in Rowe 107, 218, 318 and Lillie 218, MBL’s common use rooms offer a wide variety of shared resources. Please refer to the GUR Guide ( for further information.

Cold rooms
Standard and half-size refrigerators can be rented from Apparatus Department ( In addition, MBL has a -80°C freezer in Rowe 318 and Lillie 218, two cold rooms set at 4°C in Rowe 315 and Lillie 14. For other temperature options, consider purchasing an individual unit at or

Tissue culture rooms
For use of the tissue culture rooms, please contact Kasia Hammar for training and access at

Machine shop
MBL has an arrangement with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Machine Shop whereby you can purchase services using your MBL account. Contact or 508-289-7449 for details.