Getting Your Lab Ready


Shipping & Receiving
To receive packages/mail at the MBL before you arrive, address them to yourself at Marine Biological Laboratory, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole, MA, USA 02543-1015. See   If you stored items at the MBL over the winter, please contact at least 3 business days before you want them delivered to your lab.


The Apparatus Department provides a wide variety of scientific equipment including microscopes and accessories, oscilloscopes, microfuges, power supplies, baths, shakers, incubators, and ovens. Apparatus also has electronic components available such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, ICs, and connectors. Any unusual components not in stock can be ordered for quick delivery.

Qualified technicians can provide technical assistance in troubleshooting or repair of electronics, personal computers, and scientific equipment.

The Apparatus Department also handles the ordering and delivery of all compressed gas cylinders, cryogenic gases and dry ice on campus. Please contact Apparatus at x7444 to place all cylinder and dry ice orders.

Apparatus Equipment List

For further information contact the Apparatus Department, located in Lillie 8A, at:
(508) 289-7444 or Email Bill Haskins.

Located in Lillie 2, the stockroom is a self-serve facility, providing a limited selection of laboratory supplies and chemicals. To gain access and for a list of available items, see or contact or 508-289-7239.

Please contact Environmental Health & Safety ( to ensure that your chemical inventory is up to date and training has been completed by all of your lab members.

Marine specimens are available through the Marine Resources Center ( For use of non-marine animals, contact the Animal Care Facility at 508-289-7288. If you will be using vertebrates, please refer to for information and order forms. Information about zebrafish is available at .  The National Xenopus Resource is the national stock center for Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis frogs. We provide transgenic, inbred and mutant frogs, embryos, oocytes and eggs as well as tank space rentals. We also have facilities for microinjection of Xenopus embryos for mRNA overexpression or CRISPR-Cas gene editing.  For information about Xenopus, please contact the National Xenopus Resource at