Lab Fees

Revised 2/1/2021

The Marine Biological Laboratory provides laboratories to those investigators who wish to take advantage of the MBL’s facilities, services, and exceptional collaborative research environment and rent space in the MBL Whitman Center.  Laboratory space can be rented by independent scientists (see rates below) or arrangements can be made to be hosted by a resident research center or affiliated with one of MBL’s preeminent discovery courses.

Any investigators coming to the MBL must apply each year.  The application deadline for rentals during May through September is December 15 of the preceding year (due to COVID-19, the deadline in 2021 was extended to January 31).

For those who wish to participate in research associated with a course, arrangements must be made in advance and approved by the course directors and the Director of the Division of Research.  For those collaborating with MBL’s resident faculty, stays need to be arranged and approved by the host lab and the center director.

During the months of May through August, laboratories are rented at the rate of $85.00 per square foot for a 4-month period even if your stay will be shorter.  Most of the laboratories available for rent fall into one of the following categories:

  • Class 1, ~228 square feet (typically 2 to 4 people), $18,924 for four months
  • Class 2, ~314 square feet (typically 3 to 6 people), $26,062 for four months
  • Class 3, ~251 square feet (typically 2 to 5 people), $20,833 for four months
  • Class 4, ~291 square feet (typically 3 to 5 people), $24,153 for four months

From September through April, laboratories may be rented by the month at the rate of $10.60 per square foot per month.  For those needing only a very small area, the minimum space to rent , if available, is 100 square feet.

Office space is available to rent at $1260 for May through August.

The office of the Director of the Division of Research will attempt to find laboratory space, sharing arrangements if necessary, and adjacencies that meet the needs of each applicant but cannot guarantee room assignments or sharing arrangements.  MBL offers competitive research awards that help to support independent investigators.  These awards include lab rental for four months during the peak season and housing for up to ten weeks.  For details, see Whitman Center Fellowship Awards.

Independent laboratory space is also available to qualified researchers who wish to spend sabbatical leaves at the MBL. Well-maintained general use facilities and a large inventory of rental equipment are available to help meet applicants’ needs.  Sabbatical-year investigators can also be hosted within the laboratory and office space of a resident research center.

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