Registration & Housing

Registration forms
All those coming to the MBL must register in advance at It is the PI’s responsibility to send this link to whomever is invited to work in the PI’s lab.

MBL account number
All registration forms must include an MBL account number for lab space and/or housing. To get one, follow the instructions at This number can be used to purchase services and supplies once you arrive on campus.

Lab fees
Lab fees can be found at  After lab assignments have been made, a pre-billing statement is sent to each PI for confirmation and return. Then an invoice requesting payment is sent, which must be paid in full before arrival. Address questions about billing to

Housing reservations are made through the registration forms found at For further information and details of the accommodations, please visit the housing website at

MBL card
The MBL card serves as your photo ID badge, name tag, Library card, stock room purchasing card, and meal card and provides access to MBL services and buildings after hours. Cards are printed and issued at the processing office in Swope 101A. Please bring a driver’s license or a photo-ID when picking up your access card. Your access card has a wide magnetic strip that must be swiped through card readers at designated MBL doors for after-hours access to facilities including laboratories, the Library, and the Lillie elevator. Each card is individually programmed to provide access to specific services/buildings (dependent upon your affiliation).  If you have questions about your card access, contact or call 508-289-7173 during business hours.

Parking permits
There are two types of MBL parking permits for Whitman Center Scientists:

GREEN: For Whitman Scientists not staying in MBL cottages, which allows parking on campus (Lillie, Loeb, Swope, Broderick, and Bar Neck lots) during business hours (7 AM – 5 PM, Monday-Friday).

RED: For Whitman Scientists staying in MBL cottages, as well as all others affiliated with the Whitman Center, which allows parking at the individual cottages or at the Devil’s Lane off-campus parking lot. Those with RED parking permits are allowed to park in campus lots only from 5 PM – 7 AM, Monday-Friday, and on weekends and holidays.

For further information about parking, please see