2009 MBL Research Awards

Grass Faculty
Hoke, Kim
Farris, Hamilton
Colorado State University
Louisiana State University
Sound localization mechanisms and the evolution of complex signals
Morgan, Jennifer
Parker, David
University Texas – Austin
Cambridge University
Mechanisms of synaptic compensation after spinal cord injury
Shepherd, Gordon
Tzounopoulos, Thanos
HHMI – Janelia Farms University of Pittsburgh Circuit organization of timing-related brainstem neurons


Belkin, Shimshon Hebrew University Molecular characterization of the microbial phyllosphere community of Tamarix, a salt-excreting desert tree
Yarden, Oded Hebrew University Prevalance of fungi during changes in activity of endosymbiotic zooxanthellae in coral: Does warming in a temperate environment enhance fungal proliferation in a sessile marine animal?

Gruss-Lipper / Colwin

Reiner, Orly Weizmann Institute Regulating axonal transport by LIS1-interacting proteins

Gruss-Lipper Scholarships – Graduate students

Omri Finkel Hebrew University Working with Dr. Belkin
Lena Hazanov Hebrew University Working with Dr. Yarden
Michal Segal Weizmann Institute Working with Dr. Reiner

Kammer / Colwin

Bloom, Ona Feinstein Institute Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) in spinal cord injury and regeneration

Dowling / Hartline

Chappell, Richard Hunter College Investigations of the role of zinc as a retinal neuromodulator


Eisthen, Heather Michigan State University Mechanisms of olfactory detection of tetrodotoxin in rough skinned newts


Fritzenwanker, Holger University of Chicago Investigating neurogenesis in the direct developing hemichordate Saccoglossus kowalevskii


Green, Stephen University of Chicago Mesoderm development in the acorn worm Saccoglossus kowalevskii and evolution fo deuterostomes
Pani, Ariel University of Chicago Hedgehog signaling in hemichordates and the evolution of the vertebrate zona limitans
Wlizla, Marcin University of Chicago Roles of nodal signaling during early embryonic development of Sccoglossus kowalevskii and implications to the evolution of extant deuterostome body plans


Gerlich, Daniel ETHZ Switzerland Coordination of microtubule and membrane dynamics during abcission

Rand Colwin

Mueller-Reichert, Thomas Max Planck Germany Working with Dr. Gerlich

Just Porter

Jackson, Kimberly Spelman College Chemoprevention of prostate cancer with dietary dibenzoylmethane


Tiozzo, Stefano Stanford University Origin of regenerative plasticity in basal chordates: Stemnes Vs. Transdifferentiation. (Botryllus schlosseri)


Lauzon, Robert Union College Phagocyte function and organismal death and regeneration in a colonial ascidian. (Botryllus schlosseri)


Rendulic, Snjezana Stanford University Elucidating germline parasitism in Botryllus schlosseri
Kuern, Ulrich Stanford University Generation of transgenic Botryllus: a model system for stem cell biology and regeneration. (Botryllus schlosseri)
Malchow, Paul University of Illinois Optical Studies of synaptic feedback from hoizontal cells in the retina: Part 11. (Skate and zebrafish)
Martinetto, Paulina University Nacional, Argentina Land-sea coupling by nutrient transport: comparisons across different climates
Pellegatti, Patrizia University Ferrara, Italy Dynamic single cell imaging of ATP release in HEK293 cells stably expressing P2X7 receptors bearing different single nucleotide polymorphisms: a study with plasma membrane GPI-anchored luciferase


Mohammady, Nagwa Alexandria University, Egypt Developing micro-algae for renewable high energy bio-diesel production

Fuortes / MBL Associates

Mead, Kristina Denison University Does shrimp “sniffing” vary with swim speed and population: PIV in Paleamonetes

Arnold / Colwin

Tamm, Sidney Boston University Visualization of dynein and microtubule changes during ciliary beating. (Beroe)


Zuchero, Bradley University of California, San Franscisco Elucidating the role of nuclear actin filaments in marine oocytes

MBL Associates

Savage, Robert Williams College Insights into the origin of lophotrochozoan larvae from Hunchback protein-like expression patterns

Miller / MBL Associates / Colwin

Zakon, Harold University of Texas, Austin Evolutionary change in the muscle development program: oriin of novel organs. (Zebrafish and Elephant nosed mormyrid)


Paul Calvert University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Marine Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering.
Animesh Agrawal,
Nandula Wannasekara,
Swati Mishra,
Skander Limen
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Working with Dr. Calvert