Waste Management

The Safety Office’s staff manages and oversees regulated waste management at the Marine Biological Laboratory in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.  Adhering to these regulations and good management practices, ensures that the MBL is operating to protect the safety and health of all members of the MBL community and to protect research, equipment, facilities and the environment.  We coordinate hazardous waste management, including Chemical, Biological and Radioactive waste; universal waste management; waste minimization; and hazardous materials spill response.

Reference: Waste Disposal at MBL

Chemical Waste must be labeled and stored in appropriate containers, containment and locations according to MBL’s Chemical Hygiene Manual.  Chemical Waste is picked up from satellite accumulations areas in each laboratory weekly and brought to the main accumulation storage area until it is removed for disposal.  Refer to the Chemical Hygiene Plan for detailed procedures.

Radioactive Waste requires strict adherence to MBL’s Radiation Safety Manual. Radioactive waste is tracked and stored in the Radiation Storage area for decay or disposal.  Refer to the Radiation Safety Manual for detailed procedures.

Biological Waste and contaminated plastics or glassware is autoclaved and disposed by the departments. Liquid biological waste can be either treated (bleach) or autoclaved. Biological specimens are bagged, frozen and disposed as biological waste.  Refer to the Biosafety Manual for detailed procedures.

Contact Eric H. Jensen, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, 508-289-7424, or email ejensen@mbl.edu.