Faculty Fellowship Program

The SES Faculty Fellowship is awarded on a competitive basis to a faculty member at a college or university within the MBL Consortium in Environmental Science. The fellowship provides a stipend and office and lab space at the Ecosystems Center and is intended to foster greater collaboration between faculty members at schools within the consortium and researchers in Woods Hole.

The 2011 SES Faculty Fellowship was held by James Casey of Washington and Lee University, whose research seeks to determine the economic value associated with environmental change, mostly in developing countries. In 2009, Dr. Daniel Ardia of Franklin & Marshall College was the SES Faculty Fellow. He is a physiological ecologist who collaborated with Linda Deegan and Chris Neill of the Ecosystems Center on a preliminary investigation of whether physiological condition of small mammals differs among sandplain grasslands with varying land use histories.

SES visiting fellowships and sabbatical experiences have been very successful in fostering collaboration in research and teaching. For example, Peter Siver (Connecticut College, sabbatical at MBL in 1997) successfully developed a joint Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) grant with Anne Giblin, senior scientist at the Ecosystems Center, to use a paleolimnological approach to assess the interactive effects of acid deposition and eutrophication on softwater lakes. Professor Tom Millette (Mt. Holyoke College, sabbatical at MBL in 1999), a geographer, continues to collaborate with center investigators working on the Plum Island Sound LTER on ways to assess sea level rise using remote sensing. In collaboration with Ecosystems Center senior scientist/SES faculty member Linda Deegan, Professor Sallie Sheldon (Middlebury College, sabbatical at MBL 2001) obtained a NSF-RUI grant that has fostered research opportunities for Middlebury students at the Plum Island LTER. John Hobbie, (Distinguished Senior Scientist at the Ecosystems) and Professor Howard Drossman (Colorado College, sabbatical at MBL in 2005) received NSF funding to study the role of fungi in nutrient cycling in tundra soils.

Altogether, seven faculty fellows from consortium schools have spent at least a semester at MBL, and these sabbatical leaves have resulted in scholarly papers and abstracts and submission of research grants. Faculty members from the colleges have returned to their institutions energized with new research and teaching ideas, and have encouraged their students to participate in the SES. This fellowship program has been helped strengthen the bonds between the Ecosystems Center and colleges and universities within the MBL Consortium in Environmental Science.

Past SES faculty fellows:

1997 Peter Siver (Connecticut College)
1999 Tom Millette (Mount Holyoke College) and Marianne Moore (Wellesley College)
2000 Bart DeStasio (Lawrence University)
2001 Sallie Sheldon (Middlebury College)
2005 Howard Drossman (Colorado College)
2006 Ruth Yanai (SUNY-ESF)
2009 Daniel Ardia (Franklin & Marshall College)
2011 James Casey (Washington & Lee University)