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Weighing leaf samples for her independent research project. Credit: Helena McMonagle

The structured laboratory experiences and techniques of the core courses and electives set the stage for what many students consider to be the most rewarding part of the SES program, the independent research projects. During the last five weeks of the course, students are able to devote full time to a project of their choosing. The project gives students a chance to work independently, although they are supported by a main advisor, a Principal Investigator (PI) at the MBL Ecosystems Center or MBL Josephine Bay Paul Center. Many students collaborate with their peers on their projects and may have the opportunity to work with a PI at other Woods Hole research institutions such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) or Woods Hole Research Center. Students have access to Ecosystems Center facilities and equipment as well as access to MBL field sites such as the Harvard Forest LTER or Plum Island Ecosystems LTER.


Rotifer species, Keratella quadrata, found in Kristy Sullivan’s water incubation experiments from Oyster Pond in Falmouth, MA. Credit: Kristy Sullivan




Depending on their interests and background, students may have the opportunity to work jointly with local conservation organizations and government agencies on environmental studies that effect our local land, water and coastal ecosystems on Cape Cod. Some projects, like Wheaton College student Kristy Sullivan’s 2016 project on toxic algae in Falmouth waters make the local headlines.



2015 SES symposium. Credit: Jessie Yang

2015 SES symposium. Credit: Jessie Yang

In December, SES students present their research projects in a formal videotaped symposium before their classmates, mentors and guests, and the Ecosystems Center’s and MBL’s scientific staff.

UChicago student Charlotte Hovland giving her presentation on rotifer reproduction at 2017 SES Symposium in Woods Hole, MA. Credit: A. Maksym

UChicago student Charlotte Hovland giving her presentation on rotifer reproduction at 2017 SES Symposium in Woods Hole, MA. Credit: A. Maksym

This event is open to the general public as well as local project collaborators and represents the culmination of the students last five weeks of independent field and laboratory research, observations and data analysis. For many it is the first time they have ever given a formal public presentation and a great introduction into communicating and defending scientific study and discoveries in front of a local friendly scientific community.




Video: 2019 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

2019 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Olivia Blasdel
University of Evansville Variation in Natural Abundance 15N Isotopes in Groundwater and Sentinel Macroinvertebrates as Indicators of Wastewater Pollution in Estuaries (pdf)
Kathryn Hulleman
Earlham College Carbon Loss and Nitrogen Availability After Cessation of a Long Term Till and Corn Silage Management Experiment
Lauren Johnson
Trinity University Effects of Excess Nutrients on the Carbon Metabolism of the Macroalga Ulva (pdf)
Kyra Madunich
Pomona College Examining the Synergistic Effect of Temperature and pH on the Competitive Dynamics of Native and Invasive Tunicates
Grant McKnight
Northwestern University Effects of Iron, Nickel and Nutrient Supply on Pyrite Crystal Formation in Marsh Sediments (pdf)
Khashiff Miranda
University of Chicago Impact of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Loading on Diazotrophic Communities in the New England Salt Marshes (pdf)
Cody Pham
Pomona College Habitat Selection in Birds Across Fragmented Landscapes (pdf)
Miriam Ritchie
Wheaton College Do Microplastic Concentrations in Salt Marshes Increase with Human Population Density?
Olivia Shao University of Chicago How Does the Chemistry of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) Affect Bioaccumulation in the Estuarine Blue Mussel Mytilus Edulis? (pdf)
Marguerite Tate
Harvey Mudd College The Effects of Beaver Dams on Nutrient Cycling in Cart Creek, A Tributary of the Plum Island Estuary (pdf)

Video: 2018 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

2018 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Maggie Anderson
Lawrence University Effects of Chronic Nitrogen Addition on Soils Along an Urban-to-Rural Gradient (pdf)
Casey Beidelman
Northwestern University Plastic Beach (The Spread): Microplastic Distribution and Composition Across the Tidal Range of Cape Cod Beaches (pdf)
Ariela Buxbaum Grice
Connecticut College A Genomics-Based Study of Gracilaria Species Around Falmouth, Cape Cod (pdf)
Emma Conrad-Rooney
Wellseley College Mycorrhizal Colonization Across an Urban to Rural Gradient: Interactions with Nitrogen and Calcium Cycles (pdf)
Boya “Twiggy” Cui
Dickinson College Algal Carbon Stable Isotopes as Indicators of Coastal Eutrophication (pdf)
Emory Ellis
Hamsphire College Predicting the Impacts of Senescence on Carbon Storage and Water Movement in New England Forests (pdf)
Gracie Gavazzi
Kenyon College High Nitrogen Content in Spartina Alterniflora as a Feeding Cue for Invertebrates in New England Salt Marshes (pdf)
Emily Hays
Northwestern University Effects of Oil Exposure on Nitrogen Cycling in Salt Marsh Sediments (pdf)
Michael Howard Clarkson University Effects of Differing Agricultural Practices on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Stocks (pdf)
Ali McGarigal
Colorado College A Marsh Against Tide (pdf)
Claire McGuire Rhodes College Plastic Marsh (The Tenacity): A Look Back at the Varying Anthropogenic Impacts on Estuary Systems Through Microplastic Pollution and Stable Isotopes (pdf)
Talia Michaud
Mount Holyoke College Impacts of Urbanization and Nitrogen Addition on Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities (pdf)
Briana Moore
University of Chicago Eutrophication in Little Pond: Algal Growth Response to Nutrients and Immediate Effects on Sewer Systems on Enrichment (pdf)
Rudy Mueller-Schrader Lawrence University Understanding Sea Turtle Foraging Through the Stable Isotopes of Their Prey Items (pdf)
Rachel Murray
University of Lynchburg
Metal Contaminants in Local Harbors
Abigail Rec
Gettysburg College
Nutritional and Physiological Status in Cold-Stunned Juvenile Sea Turtles (pdf)
Hector Ricardo Salazar
Connecticut College Plastic Beach (The Arrival): Spatial Heterogeneity of Microplastic (pdf)
Eva Schneiderman
Mount Holyoke College Pollution on Cape Cod Beaches and the Impacts of Different Hydrographic Sources (pdf)
Lauren Skinnion Trinity College Differential Responses of Invasive and Native Species of Gracilaria During Exposure and Recovery from Salinity Stress (pdf)
Wenzhuo Yang Allegheny College Are Microbial Community Inherently Safe? (pdf)

Video: 2017 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

2017 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Lois Anderson University of Chicago The role of physical protection of carbon in soil aggregates in sites of land use change (pdf)
Jonah Benning-Shorb University of Chicago Nutrient budget in a eutrophic Cape Cod estuary
Paul Max Black Franklin and Marshall College Effects of Schizachyrium scoparium coverage on soil and food web structure in coastal plain grasslands (pdf)
Luis Cartagena Northwestern University Effects of long-term soil warming on aggregate mass and physical protection of organic matter (pdf)
Marta De Giuli University of Chicago Controls on seed bank biodiversity in the Frances Crane Wildlife Management Area (pdf)
Emily DeFelippis Eugene Lang College of                   The New School Lipids and stable isotope profiles in cold stunned juvenile sea turtles of Cape Cod (pdf)
Lucero Flores Northwestern University Effects of temperature and nutrient variation on bleached and unbleached Astrangia poculata (pdf)
Lydia Fox Dickinson College Salinity tolerances and nitrogen requirements of native and invasive Gracilaria species in New England (pdf)
Lauren Hamm Rhodes College Biogeography of Gracilaria species in Waquoit Bay (pdf)
Ben Hoekstra Grinnell College Spatial distribution of soil properties in a chronosequence of abandoned New England cranberry bogs (pdf)
Augusta Hollers Amherst College Visual stimuli that control adaptive camouflage in cuttlefish (pdf)
Charlotte Hovland University of Chicago Sex, drugs, and rotifers: Endocrine disrupting water contaminants and rotifer reproductive cycling (pdf)
Emi Lemberg University of Chicago Microbial fuel cells for improved bioremediation (pdf)
Caitlyn Linehan Trinity College Measuring NSC, carbon, nitrogen and relative greenness of Quercus coccinea and Ilex opaca during senescence (pdf)
Chloe Omelchuck Hampshire College Plant and insect communities in a chronosequence of abandoned cranberry bogs (pdf)
Sarah Pope Wheaton College (IL) FISHing for sulfate reducing microbes in Siders Pond, a meromictic lake (pdf)
Peter Puleo Northwestern University Using sediment geochemical indicators to understand nutrient loading and salinity changes in Siders Pond (pdf)
Alondra Soto Pomona College Decomposition and DOC availability during leach phase of decomposition in early and late successional leaves
Emma Sullivan Dickinson College Measuring nitrogen attenuation in septic-contaminated coastal groundwater (pdf)


Video: 2016 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

2016 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Olivia Bispott Earlham College Ocean acidification and its effect on phytoplankton growth (pdf)
Rita Clark
Grinnell College Nitrogen inventories and regeneration of sediments of Little Pond:  Will sediment nutrient regeneration impede recovery after sewer installation? (pdf)
Rachel Clifford Franklin & Marshall College The importance of structure to function and productivity of pink berry bacterial consortium (pdf)
Zoe Crawford Dickinson College A comparison of decay rates and leaf chemistry in native and non-native plants on Cape Cod (pdf)
Michael Daugherty Northwestern University Adsorption of organic pollutants to microplastics: the effects of dissolved organic matter (pdf)
Misty Earisman
Lafayette College A pre-sewering baseline study of nutrient imports and exports from the Little Pond Estuary (pdf)
Hannah Garcia Trinity University Combined stressors: examining winter moth infestation and drought on Cape Cod trees (pdf)
Hannah Gershone Mount Holyoke College From river to desert: using chlorophyll fluorescence to test for desiccation tolerance among green algae (pdf)
Erin Gleeson Rhodes College The effects of winter moth defoliation on forest growth and production inferred from satellite imagery and dendrochronology (pdf)
John Hayes Northwestern University Greenhouse gas fluxes from the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility and implications for groundwater entering West Falmouth Harbor (pdf)
Sarah Messenger Trinity College Efficacy of a permeable reactive barrier at nitrate removal 10 years down the road: have the NITREX barriers in Waquoit Bay reached the end of their lifespan? (pdf)
Andie Nugent Colgate University Ectomycorrhizal and tree symbiosis: recovery after two decades of nitrogen loading to a Cape Cod Oak Pine forest (pdf)
Nicholas Patel Swarthmore College A dendroecological analysis of tree mortality due to drought and winter moth defoliation (pdf)
Jonathan Pekarek University of Chicago Feasibility of wood chip permeable reactive barriers for large scale in-stream denitrification (pdf)
Hannah Ryon Northwestern University Stress response of bivalves: impact of copper on filtration rate and microbial communities of oysters (Crassostrea virginica) (pdf)
Kristy Sullivan Wheaton College (MA) Phytoplankton nutrient response in Oyster Pond: Identification of cyanobacteria and potential for future blooms (pdf)
Michelle Woods Allegheny College The role of seals in the food webs of Cape Cod beaches (pdf)
Yingqi Zhang Colgate University Understanding the ecological impacts of invasive tunicates and their response to climate change (pdf)


Video: 2015 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

2015 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Christian Alexander Earlham College Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis of estuarine food webs with varying nitrogen loading (pdf)
Ruby An University of Chicago The impact of oysters on the fate of nitrogen inputs to estuarine sediments (pdf)
Gabriela Atsepoyi Spelman College Microbial respiration of soil organic matter across varying temperatures in the Harvard Forest Soil Warming Experiment (pdf)
Nia Bartolucci Mt. Holyoke College Salt marsh restoration: changes in greenhouse gas flux (pdf)
Olivia Box Hamilton College The control of phosphorus limitation over nitrogen and calcium in maple tree growth in New England forests (pdf)
Angela Como Lawrence University Do abandoned beaver dams act as natural water filters? (pdf)
Theo Fehsenfeld Colorado College The effect of soil type on migration of pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) through Cape Cod soils (pdf)
Emily Geoghegan Bryn Mawr College Decomposition and methane production in anaerobic environments: a case study in a methanogenic bioreactor (pdf)
Caroline Kanaskie Dickinson College Examining desert algal growth rates and quantum yield in response to nutrient availability (pdf)
Kendall Kotara Trinity University The effects of urbanization on sand dune vegetation (pdf)
Melissa Martinez Clarkson University Functional traits and physiology in two New England pine species (pdf)
Erica Moretti Allegheny College Assessing soil respiration and nitrous oxide fluxes under different grazing regimes at Harvard Forest Farm (pdf)
Luke O’Brien Boston College Oceanic aerosols and sodium concentrations of sandplain grassland soils as influencers of botanic biodiversity on Naushon Island, Massachusetts (pdf)
Emily Okikawa Franklin & Marshall College A comparison of microbial mats versus “pinkberries” in altering nutrient cycles between sediments and the water column in Little Sippewissett Marsh (pdf)
Alexandrea Rice Allegheny College Effects of long term nitrogen deposition on Ectomycorrhizal fungi communities in forests of the Northeastern United States (pdf)
Audrey Rowe University of Chicago The influence of beaver dams on animal communities of streams and surrounding riparian zones (pdf)
Emily Stone Clark University Contributions of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea to nitrification in estuarine sediments along a eutrophic gradient (pdf)
Jacob Strock Lafayette College The effects of seasonal feeding behavior of juvenile alewife and blueback herring on piscine growth rate and zooplankton nutrient regeneration (pdf)
David Tian Swarthmore College Influence of soil characteristics on the spatial distribution of Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) (pdf)
Xiaoxuan Yang Grinnell College Trash to treasure: effectiveness of a denitrification-based microbial fuel cell for degradation of wastewater sludge (pdf)

Video: 2014 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

2014 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Jessica Beach Clarkson University Community structure and function in natural and restored salt marsh habitats on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (pdf)
Samuel Bogan Dickinson College The fate of wastewater nitrogen in food webs of coastal ponds receiving different N-loads (pdf)
Mahalia Clark Brown University Impacts of biochar amendments on long-term nitrogen storage in agricultural soils. (pdf)
Arianna Cocallas Beloit College Response greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O) emissions to increased salinity and nitrogen inputs along a marsh restoration gradient (pdf)
Christian Daniell Connecticut College Trophic and reproductive dynamics of the spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) fishery in the Northwest Atlantic (pdf)
Nazik Elmekki Princeton University Distribution of triclosan in the environment and its effects on bacterial resistance (pdf)
Delaney Gibbs Earlham College The effect of beaver ponds on the nutrient composition in the water column and the sediments of Cart Creek (pdf)
Madeline Gorchels Wellesley College Mnemiopsis microcosm: will jelly blooms lead to trophic cascades? (pdf)
Benjamin Henry Middlebury College Effect of restoration on early stages of salt marsh litter decomposition (pdf)
Fangyuan Hong Mount Holyoke Influence of temperature and moisture on nitrogen cycling in soils from experimentally heated and control plots at the Harvard Forest, MA (pdf)
Katherine Klammer Skidmore College The effects of salt marsh restoration on nutrient retention and nitrogen cycling (pdf)
Christine McCarthy Lafayette College The effects of restoring tidal circulation to diked salt marshes on alkalinity generation and sediment profiles of metals and sulfur (pdf)
Julia McMahon Dickinson College Influence of beaver dams on benthic trophic structure (pdf)
Kimberly Meneo Connecticut College Grazing and production by ribbed mussels (Geukensia demissa) in Little Pond: a nitrogen budget (pdf)
Jessie Moravek Northwestern University The effects of beaver ponds on community structure in a forest ecosystem (pdf)
Mairi Poisson Dickinson College Fish species composition and productivity along a freshwater to saltwater ecosystem gradient in the Cart Creek/Parker River system (pdf)
Michelle Pombrol Brown University Biogeochemical gradients and genomics of denitrifying microbial communities in Siders Pond, a meromictic salt-stratified system (pdf)
Sara Reese Colgate University Why are river herring disappearing? Early life stage dynamics of blueback herring and alewife near Cape Cod, Massachusetts (pdf)
Alana Thurston Haverford College Climate change effects on the rhizosphere: a comparative study of the enzyme activity of mycorrhizae in heated and unheated forest soils at Harvard Forest, Petersham MA (pdf)
Leena Vilonen Northwestern University Nutrient and salinity controls on Phragmites australis invasion in Cape Cod salt marsh ecosystems (pdf)
Yunqi Zhang Brown University Occurrence and reduction of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in groundwater and wastewater of Cape Cod, MA (pdf)

Video: 2013 Semester in Environmental Science Presentations

 2013 SES Student  College  Project
Class Photo
Jamie Bates Clarkson University Testing predictions about carbon-nutrient couplings in forests:
A  dichotomy between Mycorrhizal root types of red maple and oak plots at Harvard Forest (pdf)
Natalie Buch Syracuse University Acid rain effects on the production and composition of epicuticular waxes of turf grass Poa-pratensis-lolium-festuca (pdf)
Caroline Collins Connecticut College Microbial genomic responses to chronic additions of sewage sludge containing mercury residues to experimental plots in the Great Sippewissett salt marsh (pdf)
Patrick Doughty Lawrence University Factors controlling growth rates of Ribbed Mussels (Geukensia demissa) in New England Salt Marshes (pdf)
Sarah Erskine Wheaton College (MA) Use of the detergent additive, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, as an indicator of wastewater input to Oyster Pond, MA (pdf)
Kelsey Gosselin The New School Aerobic and anaerobic microbial degradation of weathered and fresh oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (pdf)
Yangtsho Gyaltshen Bard College A comparative study on the nutrient acquisition strategies of arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal-dominated tree stands at Harvard Forest, Petersham MA (pdf)
Jamie Harrison Carleton College Growth rates of Oak trees exposed to different microclimate regimes resulting from topographical variation on Martha’s Vineyard (pdf)
Emma Hauser Earlham College Controls on greenhouse gas fluxes from agricultural soils:  effects of nitrogen fertilizers (pdf)
Leah Hayden Lafayette College Effects of ocean acidification and nutrient enrichment on growth of the planktonic coccolithophore, Emiliania huxleyi. (pdf)
Hannah Kuhns Franklin & Marshall College Soil properties associated with frost pocket valleys and upland macroclimates on Martha’s Vineyard (pdf)
Rebecca Leone Wheaton College Long term changes in nutrient and sulfur cycling and burial in response to changes in acid deposition in freshwater ponds on Cape Cod (pdf)
Tyler C. Messerschmidt Ripon College The ecological effects and legacy of 18 years of irrigation with wastewater effluent in a mixed Oak-Pine forest at Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Plant (pdf)
Kayla Muirhead Dickinson College Circadian Rhythm in Methanotrophic Bacteria:Expression of pmoA Coding for Monooxygenase in Microcosms Cycled with Methane (pdf)
Nick Pagan Clark University Macroinvertebrate Community Structure in Streams Affected By Conventional and Organic Cranberry Cultivation (pdf)
Joy Semien Dillard University Are New England salt marshes keeping up with rising sea levels: comparing sediment accumulation with estimates of net carbon storage based on Eddy flux tower measurements at the Plum Island Estuary? (pdf)
Jordan Stark Skidmore College Effects of macroalgal mats on sediment nutrient release and benthic-pelagic coupling (pdf)
Tyler Ueltschi University of Puget Sound Monitoring the Effects of Acid Rain on Freshwater Metal Chemistry (pdf)
Nicholas M. Uline Gettysburg College Powerhouse Plankton Removers: Can shellfish remediate nutrient loading to the coastal pond ecosystems? (pdf)
Chelsea Westra Hampshire College Effects of carbon source and particle size on nitrogen cycling in aggregated “Bio-Floc” microbial communities (pdf)
Lauren Wind Allegheny College Initial chemistry and decay dynamics of deciduous leaf litter from a long-term soil-warming study in the Northeastern US (pdf)
Tabea Zimmermann Dickinson College Nutrient inputs and cycling in conventionally and organically farmed, and abandoned cranberry bogs (pdf)
2012 SES Student
Class Photo
 College  Project
Julia Adams Wellesley College The indirect effects of eutrophication on the diet and trophic position of mummichogs (pdf)
Kara Annoni Univ. Minnesta Duluth Detection of wastewater plumes from the 15N isotopic composition of groundwater, algae and bivalves in West Falmouth Harbor (pdf)
Ashley Brooks Bates College Using Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid biomarkers to trace changes in diet of the ribbed mussel, Guekensia demissa, in Great Sippewissett Marsh (pdf)
Tanner Cunningham Bates College Characterizing molecular and isotopic composition of epicuticular waxes in vegetation and sediment in Great Sippewissett marsh (pdf)
Elizabeth de la Reguera Dickinson College Influence of fertilization and mowing practices on nitrous oxide release from urbanized lawns (pdf)
Katherine-Anne Glover Univ. of  South (Sewannee) Impacts of eutrophication on resource utilization by benthic invertebrates of salt marshes
Arianna Goodman Oberlin College Does nitrate change decomposition of salt marsh peats? (pdf)
Alexandra Guest Skidmore College Analysis of macroalgal biomass and nitrogen uptake by plants and animals along a land use gradient in southern Cape Cod watersheds (pdf)
Johanna Jensen Colorado College Effects of Species Diversity on Nitrogen Uptake in Grassland Ecosystems (pdf)
Michael Marty-Rivera Univ. of Puerto Rico Do nutrients change palatability and concentrations of anti-herbivory compounds in macroalgae? (pdf)
Maggie Notopoulous Skidmore College Towards Institutional Sustainability – A Nitrogen Footprint Model for the MBL (pdf)
Kim Ohnemus Skidmore College Effect of horseshoe crab bioturbation on sediments and food availability on intertidal flats (pdf)
Zach Pinto Middlebury College Effects of biochar and basalt additions on carbon sequestration and fluxes of greenhouse gases in soils (pdf)
Aliza Ray Bard College The impacts of ocean acidification on phytoplankton community structure and productivity in microcosms (pdf)
Jennifer Reeve Haverford College Controls on nitrous oxide release in salt marsh ecosystems (pdf)
Shelly Xia Franklin and Marshall College Changes in C and N cycling and greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural soils after addition of synthetic and organic fertilizers.
Joo Young Yim Grinnell College Coastal Plastic Marine Debris: A substrate for vibrio bacteria in the open ocean
2011 SES Student College Project
Class Photo
Anika Aarons Mount Holyoke College Using lipid biomarkers to evaluate microbial community structure and ecological processes occurring in the meromictic Siders Pond, Falmouth, MA (pdf)
JoHanna Burton Ripon College The effects of parasitism on feeding preferences and litter decomposition rates of amphipods in the Plum Island Estuary (pdf)
Joseph Hakam Brown University Ecosystem energy-use efficiency: positive effects of predation on productivity (pdf)
Amalia Handler Franklin and Marshall College Effects of rain pulses on activity of soil bacterial communities (pdf)
Fiona Jevon Harvard University Soil nutrient cycling and vegetative species composition of sandplain grassland vegetation in experimental restoration plots on Martha’s Vineyard: Responses to sulfur and nitrogen additions (pdf)
Hansen Johnson Bates College Resource limitation affects heterocyst formation in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria (pdf)
Collin Knauss Colorado College Microbial denitrification nirS gene abundance in relation to biogeochemical processes and characteristics up-gradient, within and down-gradient from a NITREXTM Permeable Reactive Barrier in Waquoit Bay, MA (pdf)
Andrew Miano Connecticut College How fish communities differ across stream restoration gradients (pdf)
Sarah Nalven Colby College Diversity and distribution of sulfate-reducing bacteria in Siders Pond, a meromictic salt pond (pdf)
Sean O’Keeffe Colorado College Acid deposition and base-cation exchange in Cape Cod soils (pdf)
Kelsey Ream Allegheny College A tale of two bivalves: the role of Mercenaria mercenaria and Mytilus edulis in benthic-pelagic coupling of nutrient cycles (pdf)
Emily Rogers Carleton College Nutrient limitation across a salinity gradient of Martha’s Vineyard coastal ponds (pdf)
Jehane Samaha Brown University The legacies of historical land-use in current suburban landscapes: Species composition, carbon stocks and nitrogen cycling (pdf)
Audrey Seiz Clark University Benthic community composition in four streams across a restoration intensity gradient (pdf)
Timothy Sinkovits Ripon College The ability of natural and artificial riparian zones to filter nutrients assessed by push-pull experiments (pdf)
Sam Stewart Colorado College Comparing geomorphology and channel habitat on a stream restoration gradient (pdf)
Cynthia Troy Villanova University Moisture and temperature effects on production of nitrous oxide, an important greenhouse gas, in agricultural soils of Western Massachusetts (pdf)
Elisabeth Ward Brown University The effect of suburbanization on ecosystem services: carbon stocks and biodiversity along a residential lot size gradient (pdf)
Emily Waters Hampshire College The effects of salinity and nutrient limitation on microbial processes in coastal sediments (pdf)
Lena Weiss Brown University Examining food webs and trophic dynamics along a stream restoration gradient (pdf)
Megan Wheeler Harvey Mudd College Effects of fertilizer on nitrogen cycling in residential Cape Cod lawns (pdf)
Shirlie Yang Grinnell College Effects of soil warming on soil respiration measured by extracellular enzyme activity and CO2 flux (pdf)
Ellen Yeatman Washington and Lee Temperature effects on decomposition rates of soil organic matter with differing proportions of labile and recalcitrant compounds (pdf)
2010 SES Student
Class Photo
College Project
Sarah Berry
Carleton College
The role of pond sediments in the removal of DOC and tannin compounds through abiotic and bacterial action (pdf)
Melissa Campbell
Clark University
The fate of amino acid in soil experiments: Bacteria, roots and fungi (pdf)
Alice Carter
Northwestern University
Microbial community productivity and diversity as responses to pH oscillation frequency (pdf)
David Dodge
Middlebury College
The role of alternative respiration pathways and the effect of nutrient loading on peat decomposition in Plum Island marsh sediment (pdf)
Holly Engel
Clarkson University
Stream quality among active and restoring river-based cranberry bogs (pdf)
Daniel Feinberg
Hamilton College
Wood decomposition after five years in anaerobic nitrate rich groundwaters: Implications for lifetime of Nitrex™ Permeable Reactive Barriers (pdf)
Lolly Lim
Brown University
Tracing anthropogenic nutrient inputs into coastal plain ponds on an urban-rural gradient: A study using stable isotopes (pdf)
Sarah Naramore
Lafayette College
Long-term effects of soil warming on labile carbon availability and microbial community respiration and composition (pdf)
Melanie Poole
Connecticut College
Plant community structure and soil properties along stream corridors of cranberry bogs since discontinuation of agriculture (pdf)
Austin Ritter
Middlebury College
Response of salt marsh ponds to eutrophication (pdf)
Meghan Short
Brown University
Contrasting nutrient dynamics of litter decomposition in a deciduous forest and pond ecosystem (pdf)
Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong
Brown University
Soil ammonium and phosphate sorption capacity decreases with prescribed ground fire (pdf)
Brian Suh
Haverford College
The search for novel integron expression along a heavy metal gradient (pdf)
Ian Yue
Wheaton College
Tracing anthropogenic nutrient inputs into Cape Cod coastal plain ponds using stable isotopes, nutrient analysis, and water budget modeling (pdf)
2009 SES Student
 College  Project
Class Photo
Chelsea Baldino Northwestern University Can We See Metal Contamination from Boats and Pressure-treated Lumber in the Marine Environment?? (pdf)
Ayala Ben-Chaim  Mt. Holyoke College Consequences of nitrogen fertilization on CO2 and CH4 in a temperate deciduous forest and Phragmites australis stand (pdf)
Amy Cantor Colby College The Legacy Effect of Wastewater Irrigation in a Terrestrial Ecosystem: How Nitrogen Inputs Change Microbial Processes
Haruka Fujimaki  Mt. Holyoke College Phenology Effects of Different Temperature Regimes on Carbon Storage in Same-Species Oak Trees on Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Elizabeth Gomez  Brown University Effects of an errant burrowing polychaete, Nereis, and Nutrient Enrichment on Benthic Respiration and Biogeochemical Fluxes from Marine Sediments (pdf)
Carolyn Harris  Bates College  How Ecological Restoration Affects Food Webs and Animal Communities in Cranberry Bogs on Cape Cod
Kenly Hiller  Connecticut College Effects of Anoxic Groundwater from a NitrexTM Permeable Reactive Barrier on Benthic Flora and Fauna at the Seepage Face in Waquoit Bay, MA (pdf)
Christine Kobyljanec Mt. Holyoke College Can Microbial Fuel Cells Indicate Differences in Soil Degradability in Warmed and Agricultural Soils
Marshall Moore Brown University Reconstructing Variability in Biogeochemical Cycling and Microbial Community Structure from Sediment Cores in Siders, Oyster and Salt Ponds in Falmouth, MA
Pamela Moriarty Kenyon College Biodiversity, Nutrient Enrichment and Ecosystem Function: The Effect of Melampus bidentata,  Orchestia grillus and Philoscia vittata Detritivores on Litter Decomposition in Salt Marshes
Masaru Nobu Carleton College Response of Extracellular Enzyme Activity to Soil Warming within the Harvard Forest Soil Warming Plots: Lignocellulolytic Enzymes
Nathan Setter SUNY-ESF Non-lethal, Indirect Chemical, Trophic and Behavioral Effects of Mummichogs Predators on Grass Shrimp (pdf)
Sarah Shay Lawrence University Changing Mycorrhizae Communities within Cranberry Bogs: The effect of Fertilizer and Abandonment
Lauren Shoemaker Colorado College The Vertical Distribution of Nitrogen in a Multispecies Canopy?
Monica Stegman Haverford College Effect of Different Anti-Fouling Paints on the Structure and Function of Fouling Communities (pdf)
Maryann Tekverk Haverford College Biogeochemistry of Groundwater at the Seepage Face down-gradient from NITREXTM  Permeable Reactive Barriers in Waquoit Bay, MA (pdf)
2008 SES Class
Class Photo
 College  Project
Andrea Coughlan
Wellesley College
Response of estuarine phytoplankton and water column microbes to groundwater inputs down-gradient from a NITREXTM permeable re-active barrier (pdf)
Wayne Daniel
Dillard University
Tracing anthropogenic nutrient inputs to coastal plain ponds using stable isotopes (pdf)
Sarah Gillig
Wesleyan University
Nanosilver and its effects on freshwater microbial communities (pdf)
Rob Gordon
Lafayette College
Visualizing changes in the community structure of sulfur cycling bacteria in nitrogen enriched salt marsh sediments (pdf)
Jessica Kunke
Northwestern University
The fate of nitrate entering a NITREXTM Permeable Reactive Barrier (pdf)
Jessica Gail Lambert SUNY Syracuse
The effect of coastal plain pond sediment moisture on nutrient availability of Israel Pond, MA (pdf)
Amy Markstein
Colorado College
Nitrogen uptake in a naturalizing cranberry bog (pdf)
Ian W. Lizzadro-McPherson
Lawrence University
Urbanization in coastal environments: Are there consequences associated to pier density along Child’s River? (pdf)
Laura Poppick
Bates College
Soil texture, topography, and canopy effects on microclimate in scrub oak thickets on Martha’s Vineyard (pdf)
Timothy JS Ramnarine
Dillard University
Observing the effects of increased availability of nitrogen on the salt marsh plant communities of the Plum Island Sound: A focused study on spartina alterniflora. (pdf)
Paliza Shrestha
Mount Holyoke College
Soil respiration and nitrogen mineralization in response to nitrogen and sawdust addition in a Massachusetts grassland (pdf)
Stefanie Strebel
Franklin & Marshall College
Effects of nitrogen loading on the structural and functional stability of the Plum Island Sound salt marsh ecosystem. (pdf)
Nick – Peng Xuefeng
Connecticut College
Nitrogen cycling in sediments in two stretches of the Coonamessett River (pdf)
2007 SES Student
 College  Project
Class Photo
Lauren Bizzari Colby College Effect of advective processes on denitrification of a15NO3 tracer in NITREX(tm) permeable reactive barriers measured by membrane inlet mass spectrometry (pdf)
Richard Brereton Colorado College Response of estuarine phytoplankton to DIN & DON in groundwater measured by flow cytometry (pdf)
Megan Carpenter Lafayette College The effect of iron oxide on dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA) in a NITREX™ medium (pdf)
Andrew Franks Brandeis University Nitrogen cycling, soil biogeochemistry and edge effects along roadways with different traffic volumes (pdf)
George Gregory Bates College Nitrogen vs. phosphorus limitation in freshwater coastal plain ponds in watersheds with different land uses (pdf)
Genevieve Noyce Mount Holyoke College Biogeochemistry and vegetation in cranberry bog chronosequence (pdf)
Benjamin Pyenson Haverford College Effects of nitrate on pyrite oxidation of salt marsh sediments (pdf)
Lindsay Schwarting Clarkson University Effective strategies for coastal grassland management and restoration
Rose Smith Mount Holyoke College Amino acid metabolism in forest soils (pdf)
Amy Snyder Skidmore College The effect of microbe invasions on the methanotroph metabolism and community structure in microcosms (pdf)