Kenneth H. Foreman
Director, SES
Ph.D., Boston University

Ken’s principal research area is the coastal zone. In recent years, he has been studying the effects of nutrient loading on benthic and water column communities and processes.


cardon-thumbnail-2015bZoe Cardon
Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., Stanford University

Zoe’s research focuses on microbial activity in soil around plant roots (the rhizosphere), including how water fluxes driven by plants affect resource availability, local conditions, and biogeochemistry in the rhizosphere.


Conte-ThumbnailMaureen Conte
Senior Scientist, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, & MBL Fellow, Ecosystem Center
Ph.D., Columbia University

Maureen’s research specialty is trace level molecular and isotopic organic geochemistry. Research focus areas include deep ocean particle flux and the organic geochemistry of biogenic aerosols.


deegan-300Linda A. Deegan
Senior Scientist & MBL Fellow, Woods Hole Research Center
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Linda investigates how animals, primarily ones that swim, influence the way ecosystems function and how human induced ecosystem change alters the roles organisms play.


Anne E. Giblin
Interim Director & Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., Boston University

Anne’s major research focus is the cycling of elements in the environment, especially the biogeochemistry of iron, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus in soils and sediments.


gribble_crop2Kristin Gribble
Assistant Scientist, Josephine Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program

Kristin studies the adaptability of phytoplankton and zooplankton life history strategy; she applies her interests to investigate environmentally induced maternal effects, the molecular mechanisms of aging, and plankton community response to anthropogenic ecosystem change.


Javier Lloret Research ScientistJavier Lloret
Research Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., University of Murcia, Spain

Javier studies the effects of climate change and nutrients inputs on coastal lagoons and bays. He has worked on systems ranging from Cape Cod Bays to the Mediterranean.


Jerry M. Melillo
Distinguished Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., Yale University

Jerry is interested in how human activities are altering the biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems and especially how global changes are affecting the chemistry of the atmosphere and the overall climate system.


Christopher Neill
Senior Scientist & MBL Fellow, Woods Hole Research Center

Chris’ research focuses on understanding how land-use change in addition to other human activities alter the structure of ecosystems.



Edward B. Rastetter
Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Ed synthesizes field and laboratory data using simulation models to study how plants and microbes optimize their use of resources like carbon, nitrogen, light and water, and how that optimization might influence the response of ecosystems to global change.


loretta-robersonLoretta Roberson
Associate Scientist, Eugene Bell Center
Ph.D., Stanford University

Loretta’s research investigates coral bleaching and growth by studying the gene activity of Caribbean coral. Her interests include anthropogenic impacts on coastal marine communities as well as the physiology, ecology, and evolution of eelgrass and coral reef communities.


S. Emil Ruff
Assistant Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology

Emil is interested in ecology and ecophysiology of syntrophic microbial food webs.  His group is currently focusing on the degradation of polymeric and organic matter in soils and sediments, using multi-omics and cultivation methods.


Gaius R. Shaver
Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., Duke University

Gus’s research is focused on the role of plants in ecosystem element cycles, especially in Alaskan tundra ecosystems, where low temperatures, low light intensities, low nutrient availability, and a short growing season all interact to limit plant growth.


Jianwu (Jim) Tang
Associate Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Jim’s research focuses on soil biogeochemistry and soil-plant interactions, particularly on carbon and nitrogen cycles through ecosystems processes.


Joseph J. Vallino
Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joe’s research employs thermodynamics to examine how microbial metabolic networks organize and evolve to utilize energy and resources in the environment.