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The TIDE Project in the news

American Scientist: The not-so-mysterious loss of salt marshes and ecosystem services

Nitrogen News (written by our own Wally Fulweiler from Boston University):  Massachusetts:  New study reveals the role of nitrogen pollution in salt marsh decline 

The big picture of marsh loss (News and Views article in Nature by Steve Pennings)

Why are our salt marshes falling apart? (Press release by the Marine Biological Laboratory; re-posted on many sites)

Why are coastal salt marshes falling apart? (Press release by the National Science Foundation; re-posted on many sites)

Why are our salt marshes falling apart?  (Video of Dr. Deegan, lead author, discussing the results) 

Research shows negative impact of nutrients on coastal ecosystems (Louisiana State U. press release re-posted on many sites)

Fertilizer harming Plum Island salt marsh, study finds (Boston Globe, 18 October 2012)

Scientists solve mystery of disappearing marshes (NPR story on Morning Edition, 18 October 2012)

Nutrient runoff turns useful salt marshes into useless mudflats, long-term study finds [Nashua (NH) Telegraph, 18 October 2012]

Scientists: Fertilizers are killing salt marshes [Newburyport (MA) Daily News, 19 October 2012]

Local study spotlights decay of salt marshes [Gloucester (MA) Times, 22 October 2012]

Article in the The Enterprise (Falmouth, Massachusetts – no link available)

Mother Earth’s ‘kidneys’ are failing (Cape Cod Times, 23 October 2012)

Salt marshes on junk food (Quirks and Quarks radio show, Canadian Broadcast Corporation, 3 November 2012)

What’s damaging marshes on U.S. Coast and why it matters (Yale environment 360, 26 December 2012)

Human-generated nutrient overloads can destroy coastal wetlands (NSF Science, Engineering and Innovation web page)