Original 2003 TIDE crew (PIs included)

Over 100 people have participated in the The TIDE Project since 2003.   We have had a diverse mix of scientists – from high-school interns to senior scientists – from multiple institutions and multiple disciplines.  The project is carried on the strong backs and creative minds of interns, research assistants, and graduate students, which are >70% of TIDE participants.  For a full list of participants on the TIDE Project since 2003, please click here.

Below is a list of the TIDE Executive Committee.  The EC is responsible for the scientific directions of the TIDE Project:

Linda Deegan, Ph.D.  Marine Biological Laboratory.  Scientific interests: Lead Principal Investigator, food webs, biogeochemistry
Bruce Peterson, Ph.D.  Marine Biological Laboratory.  Scientific interests:  biogeochemsitry
David Samuel Johnson, Ph.D.  Virginia Institute of Marine Science.  Scientific interests:  trophic interactions, invertebrates
Jennifer Bowen, Ph.D.  University of Massachusetts – Boston.  Scientific interests:  microbial ecology
Tom Mozdzer, Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College. Scientific interests:  plant ecology
James “Jimmy” Nelson, Ph.D.  University of Louisiana – Lafayette.  Scientific interests: Foodweb dynamics, nekton ecology

 2010 field crew (minus PIs)

2011 Crew (minus PIs, again)

IMG_4746 (1)

2015 Crew