May 24, 2016

Biology of the Inner Ear Course


Course Date: 2017

The study of the auditory and vestibular systems is crucial for understanding inner ear medical conditions such as deafness and Ménière’s Disease. As typifies MBL training, The Biology of the Inner Ear Course (BIE) course provides a focused and intense approach to the specific needs of auditory and vestibular research. This three-week multi-disciplinary course provides instruction and hands-on laboratory training in cutting-edge techniques and specialized methods to meet the special challenges of inner ear biology. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of inner ear research through lectures, research seminars, roundtable discussions, and informal interactions when students and instructors work side-by-side in the laboratory. The course fosters future inner ear investigation, emphasizing not just what is known, but also the opportunities for discovery, innovation, and translation into better understanding of the inner ear. The course is designed to accommodate a relatively small number of students and is suitable for individuals with backgrounds in the biological, chemical, and physical/computational sciences.