MBL Biology of Parasitism Course

Spend a Summer Immersed in Science and Make Friends for Life!

Directors: Barbara Burleigh, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Flaminia Catteruccia, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; and Photini Sinnis, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


For more than 30 years BoP has attracted the best and brightest students from around the World. The course offers an opportunity for hands on training at the cutting edge of parasite research. Typical BoP students are senior doctoral students, postdocs, or beginning faculty (who enter the field). Learn new approaches sharing the bench with the scientists who develop them. Experiments are organized in 2 week modules and introduce numerous parasite and vector systems. BoP experiments have a strong element of discovery and aim to test new ideas with new approaches. Modules will span a variety of disciplines and explore parasitism at all levels from genes to genomes, form molecules to cells, and from cells to whole animals. Daily lectures feature distinguished researchers and provide ample opportunity for direct personal interaction between students and faculty. A summer at the MBL is a truly unique experience in its intensity, excitement, fun, and relentless pursuit of scientific discovery. Many BoP students remain friends and colleagues for life. BoP welcomes students from all countries and backgrounds. Admission is competitive and students are selected by a committee. This is a fast paced research course and students need a rigorous background in science and modern biology. However, note that the course is very interested in students from other disciplines who wish to enter the field of parasitology. There are various opportunities for additional support and need-based scholarships to help to offset the cost for attending the course. Please visit the application site for in depth information on scholarships, the application process, and the various materials required.