April 23, 2014


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Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone Numbers:
Main Number: 508-548-3705
Public Information: 508-289-7423
Department: 508-289+extension

Department: Phone: E-mail:
Accounts Payable 7224 ap@mbl.edu
Accounts Receivable 7266 ar@mbl.edu
Alumni Affairs 7119 dgallagher@mbl.edu
Apparatus 7444 whaskins@mbl.edu
Aquatic Resources Division 7375 specimens@mbl.edu
Associates Office 7281 sjoslin@mbl.edu
Biological Bulletin 7149 bbeditor@mbl.edu
Children’s Programs 7422 humanres@mbl.edu
Communications/Public Information 7423 comm@mbl.edu
Conferences/Meetings 7214 conferences@mbl.edu
Development 7650 development@mbl.edu
Director’s Office 7300 mdonovan@mbl.edu
Education 7401, 7340, 7268 admissions@mbl.edu
Environmental, Health, and Safety Department 7424 jmarcello@mbl.edu
Financial Information 7275 fi@mbl.edu
Housing 7431 housing@mbl.edu
Human Resources 7422 hr@mbl.edu
Information Technology/Computer Services 7654 helpdesk@mbl.edu
Library 7002 library@mbl.edu
Marine Organism Supply 7375 specimens@mbl.edu
Marine Resources Department 7477 dremsen@mbl.edu
Microscopy 7273 lkerr@mbl.edu
Office of Sponsored Programs 7691 rlynn@mbl.edu
Plant Operations and Maintenance, Security 7776 (7217 after hours) pom@mbl.edu
Purchasing 7449 lhall@mbl.edu
Research Awards 7173 researchawards@mbl.edu
Research Space Assignments 7173 casooffice@mbl.edu
Stockroom (Chemicals) 7236 chemroom@mbl.edu
Webmaster 7121 web@mbl.edu