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Sargasso Sea, Bermuda
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MBL study finds limited sign of soil adaptation to climate warming
While scientists and policy experts debate the impacts of global warming, the Earth’s soil is releasing roughly nine times more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than all human activities combined. This huge carbon flux from soil — due to the natural respiration of soil microbes and plant roots — begs one of the central questions in climate change science. As the global climate warms, will soil respiration rates increase, adding even more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and accelerating climate change?

New collaboration with the Joint Genome Institute
Elena Lopez Peredo and Zoe Cardon will collaborate with the DOE’s Joint Genome Institute to sequence the genomes of two remarkably desiccation tolerant green algae isolated from microbiotic soil crusts in the southwestern U.S., as well as two desiccation intolerant aquatic relatives. How can desert-dwelling algal species survive extreme drought, while other closely-related species desiccate and die? Somewhere in their genomes, there is something coded completely differently, and Lopez Peredo and colleagues aim to pinpoint what the differences are.

Anne Giblin Named Interim Director of MBL Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Laboratory senior scientist Anne Giblin has been named interim director of the Ecosystems Center. Giblin has been a member of the MBL faculty for more than three decades. Her research focuses on the cycling of elements in the environment and understanding how ecosystems respond to high nutrient inputs from wastewater and fertilizer.

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