February 12, 2016

Division of Education

The MBL offers a range of courses, workshops, conferences, and internships throughout the year. Central to the MBL’s identity is its advanced, discovery-based education program and courses. The focus of these world-famous graduate-level courses ranges from physiology and embryology to neurobiology and microbiology and to imaging and computation integrated with biological research.

Each year, MBL courses attract almost 600 of the best and brightest students in the world, from more than 400 institutions and over 40 countries. Course directors and faculty are leaders in their fields, drawn from leading universities and research institutions around the world. The courses also benefit from partnerships with many commercial developers and vendors, who share the very latest technology in advanced imaging and other scientific equipment each year.

In addition, the MBL hosts dozens of workshops and conferences, as well as courses for undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Chicago and other colleges and universities. Like the more advanced courses, undergraduate programs and research internships at the MBL emphasize immersive, discovery-based learning.

Summer Courses

The MBL offers advanced, graduate-level courses in embryology, physiology, neurobiology, microbiology, reproduction, and parasitology for six to eight weeks each summer.

Special Topics Courses

These courses provide intensive experience in specialized research techniques for one to four weeks throughout the year. Topics include imaging, neurobiology, vision research, molecular biology, and molecular evolution.

Other Educational Programs

Programs for science teachers, undergraduates, science writers, and older students enrich the overall academic atmosphere at the MBL by bringing diversity to the scientific community.