Secondary School Programs

The Marine Biological Laboratory is launching a new educational offering tailored for secondary education students. The program expands on the successful model used in MBL’s world-renowned advanced training courses for pre- and postdoctoral trainees. These courses provide intensive, hands-on, discovery-based modules taught by MBL’s community of resident faculty, technical experts, and Whitman Center scientists.

Program Opportunities

  • Flexible and scalable: Adaptable to curriculum needs and academic calendar
  • Authentic and unique: Leading scientists engage students and expand their knowledge and hands-on experience
  • Interdisciplinary (STEAM) curriculum: Incorporates topical scientific problems and breakthrough research
  • Opportunities for teachers: Partnership opportunities for program and professional development

Course Flexibility and Evolution

  • Flexibility in pre- and post-course preparation, research, and activities
  • Didactic and Active course experiences
  • Hands-on research experiences based on interest

Portfolio of Modules

  • Variety of continuously updated topics
  • Immersion with school modules and teachers
  • Single or multiple module combinations
  • MBL provides personnel and infrastructure for hands-on immersive, knowledge-expansive experiences

Tuition Cost

$2,500 per student

Tuition cost includes:

  • Housing accommodations
  • Meals
  • Lab supplies and equipment
  • Intensive, hands-on lab and classroom instruction

Points of Contact

Alison Crawford, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Marine Biological Laboratory

Peter Wilson, Deputy Dean of Admissions and Chief of Staff, The University of Chicago