October 7, 2015

Office of Research Administration & Programs

MBL’s Office of Research Administration & Programs oversees all scientific programs, including the assignment of research space and the disbursement of research awards and fellowships.  Scientists come to the MBL as investigators in our Whitman Center research program or as faculty or guests in our resident research program.

Resident Research Program
The MBL hosts year-round research programs in cellular, developmental, and reproductive biology; molecular biology and evolution; neurobiology and sensory physiology; ecology; global infectious diseases; and marine biotechnology and aquaculture.

Whitman Center Program
For more than a century, hundreds of distinguished scientists from around the world have been gathering to do research at the Marine Biological Laboratory during the summer months.

Funding Opportunities
MBL and the University of Chicago support several different types of awards to fund visiting and resident research. Details are available on the sidebar under Awards.

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
OSP provides assistance to the MBL research community by identifying funding opportunities, reviewing and approving proposals, negotiating awards, and managing the requirements and terms of the awards. As steward of the MBL’s externally-funded research portfolio, OSP is responsible for ensuring that all research proposals and projects adhere to MBL & sponsor research policies.