November 27, 2014

About the MBL Logan Science Journalism Program

Step Inside the Shoes of the Scientists You Cover!

The Logan Science Journalism Program at the MBL, founded in 1986, offers professional science journalists, writers, editors, and broadcast journalists a chance to forget about story deadlines and immerse themselves in the process of basic biomedical and environmental research. Room, board, lab fees, and U.S. travel are covered for accepted fellows.

2015 program dates: May 27 – June 5

Program details and application materials for 2015 will be posted by December 1, 2014. The application deadline is March 2, 2015.

The Choice Is Yours: The program offers journalists the choice between two introductory intensive courses:

e.mellgren.sjp_2 For Science/Health Journalists:
2014 Biomedical Hands-On Research Course
MBL, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Collecting-inverts-2 For Environmental Journalists:
2014 Environmental Hands-On Research Course
MBL, Woods Hole, Massachusetts and Baltimore, MD

“This fellowship is like a whetstone for us journalists: it sharpens our minds and hones our ability to communicate science accurately, passionately and infectiously.” —Anne Casselman, Freelance (2013 Environmental Fellow)

More testimonials from program alumni are here.