November 29, 2015

Friday Evening Lectures – 2015

Lillie Auditorium, 8:00 PM. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Live streaming of lectures available here
Videos are typically posted two weeks after the lecture.

Date: Speaker:

06/19/15  friday evening lecture, Cheryl Hayashi“The Science of Spider Silk: Amazing But True” – Cheryl Hayashi, University of California, Riverside

06/26/15 friday evening lecture, Gregory Petsko“How Parkinson’s Disease Starts – And How It Might Be Stopped” – Gregory Petsko, Weill Cornell Medical College

07/03/15 friday evening lecture, Jonathan GitlinSegal Lecture“Life Interrupted: Exploring the World of Extreme Adaptation” – Jonathan Gitlin, Marine Biological Laboratory

07/10/15 friday evening lecture, Jack Gilbert Friday Evening Lecture“The Invisible Influence of the Microbiome” – Jack Gilbert, University of Chicago

07/17/15 friday evening lecture, William CatterallForbes Lecture“Electrical Signaling: Life in the Fast Lane” – William Catterall, University of Washington

07/24/15 Porter Lecture“Development of External Genitalia: From Evolutionary Origins to Congenital Malformations” – Martin Cohn, University of Florida; Howard Hughes Medical Institute
(Please note: this lecture was not recorded)

07/31/15 friday evening lecture, Naomi OreskesE.B. Wilson History and Philosophy of Science Lecture“Why We Should Trust Science: Perspectives from the History and Philosophy of Science” – Naomi Oreskes, Harvard University

08/07/15 Director’s Lecture“Genomic Dark Matter” – Edward Rubin, Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute

08/14/15 friday evening lecture, Naomi OreskesGlassman Lecture“Ecology in a Human Biosphere” – Erle Ellis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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