December 22, 2014

Friday Evening Lectures – 2014

Lillie Auditorium, 8:00 PM. Lectures are free and open to the public.

Date: Speaker:

06/27/14 Glassman Lecture“Finding Your Inner Fish” friday evening lecture, June 27 – Neil Shubin, University of Chicago

07/03/14 “Deforestation, Agriculture, and the Future of the Amazon”friday evening lecture, July 3 – Christopher Neill, Marine Biological Laboratory

07/11/14 “Declining Human Fertility:  A Conspiracy of Sex, Age, and the Environment?” friday evening lecture, July 11 – Patricia Hunt, Washington State University

07/18/14 Forbes Lecture“Transparent Vertebrates Offer a Direct View of the Nervous System in Action”friday evening lecture, July 3 – Joseph Fetcho, Cornell University

07/25/14 Porter Lecture - “The Intelligent Glue that Holds Us Together”friday evening lecture, July 25Richard Hynes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Howard Hughes Medical Institute

08/01/14 “The Timescales of Climate Change”friday evening lecture, August 1Daniel Schrag, Harvard University Center for the Environment

08/08/14 “Stepping on the Long Tail of Microbial Populations” friday evening lecture, August 8- Mitchell Sogin, Marine Biological Laboratory

08/15/14 “Surprise at the Synapse: Developmental Critical Periods and Alzheimer’s Disease – Can Knowledge of One Help Cure the Other?” – Carla Shatz, Stanford University

08/22/14 Lederberg Lecture“From Yeast Cells to Patient Neurons: A Powerful Discovery Platform for Combating Neurodegenerative Diseases” friday evening lecture, August 8- Susan Lindquist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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