Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Conference (LSFM)

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2024 Conference Dates: May 6 - May 11


Multi-dimensional live and fixed microscope data can be collected in many ways and with a wide range of imaging modalities to help advance cellular, animal and large sample/cleared sample imaging to the next level. Currently, many courses focus on general optical principles and the use of conventional microscope platforms, such as widefield fluorescence, confocal and multiphoton imaging. However, none of these courses are specifically designed to demystify rapidly evolving and increasingly prescient methods such as light-sheet imaging.

Target Audience 

Conference: will bring together innovators in microscopy from academic institutes, industry, and federal laboratories to share and brainstorm the latest developments taking place in light-sheet research and its biological applications. The Conference will be useful to all researchers interested in utilizing optical imaging to their specific research, while the in-person Workshop will be beneficial to graduate students, postdocs, young investigators and core facility managers.

Workshop: will offer the opportunity to learn about and try various LSFM systems. Prior knowledge is not required, and all interested are welcome to attend.

This conference and workshop will be unique compared to existing conferences because participants will leave the program with an understanding of:

  • What Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) entails
  • Why the modality is needed for imaging; and
  • How to use LSFM for specific biological applications