Recent Scientific Publications

As of February 26, 2024

Bao, Y., Marin, Z., Zhang, C., Neugebauer, K., Baddeley, D., Shribak, M., & Bewersdorf, J. (2024). A correlative quantitative phase contrast and fluorescence super-resolution microscope for imaging molecules in their cellular context. Biophysical Journal123(3), 290a.

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You, Y., Tian, H., Pan, S., Shi, H., Lu, C., Batchelor, W., Cheng, B., Hui, D., Kicklighter, D., Liang, X., Li, X., Melillo, J., Pan, N., Prior, S., & Reilly, J. (2024). Net greenhouse gas balance in U.S. croplands: How can soils be part of the climate solution? Global Change Biology30(1), e17109.

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