MBL Alumni ROCS (Regional Outreach and Communication in STEM) is a competitive program that provides funding for alumni of the MBL’s Advanced Research Training courses (ARTCs) to create and deploy an outreach project. The project is meant to be conducted after completion of the course once the student returns to their home institution. Alumni ROCS seeks to extend the MBL experience beyond Woods Hole and into the community nationwide by sharing MBL experiences while increasing the science literacy of and connecting with student’s local communities. Specific projects ideas will be solicited as part of the competition and described in the application process.

Ideally, teams of students from different ARTC courses will work together to emphasize interdisciplinarity, although this is not a requirement and individual projects, or projects from a group of students from the same course, will be considered. We have outlined some project examples below but using your creativity is encouraged.

  • Create a public display of your science undertaken at the MBL joining science and art to communicate with and engage the public (e.g., in a local coffee shop or building lobby) 
  • Develop hands-on classroom exercisesfor public middle school students to extend the MBL’s “learn by doing” philosophy
  • Develop a career panel for public high school students exploring educational paths towards a career in STEM
  • Produce a video or online product that recounts your experience at the MBL


If you need assistance in connecting you with others in your area or any other questions concerning Alumni ROCS, please contact us at alumnirocs@mbl.edu and an MBL Education team member will assist you. Funds may be used to support materials and supplies, travel, video/IT fees, etc., but time and effort will not be compensated. Be creative, spread the word, engage citizen science, inspire students to pursue careers in STEM, and help the MBL reach broader audiences. Applications are due October 12, 2021 and we are looking forward to supporting you in this pilot program.