The FIR Symposium is an annual two-day program scheduled as the culminating event to our 6-week training course. The Symposium features lectures from eminent leaders in reproductive science together with presentations on current research topics from course students and from FIR alumni representing previous classes. Each Symposium creates a new mix of students, alumni, faculty and distinguished speakers, enabling world-class networking opportunities with luminaries in the field and among our trainees across class years. The symposium provides a rich atmosphere combining focused reports on scientific inquiry with camaraderie of the shared FIR experience. Numerous collaborations have emerged from these meetings. The Symposium has become known to FIRbees as “Everybody’s Favorite Meeting.”

This year we will welcome the class of 2022 to their first FIR Symposium, which celebrating reunions for: FIR2017 (5th anniversary) FIR2012 (10th anniversary), FIR2007(15th anniversary) and FIR2002 (20th anniversary). We will also be welcoming the prestigious guests and speakers listed below.

As always, FIRbees and FIR teaching assistants are invited to be considered as symposium presenters via abstract submission. Topics relevant to reproductive science, and reflecting current research are encouraged. Preference will be given to abstracts from the FIR classes of 2017, 2012, 2007, and 2002, although all FIRbees doing outstanding science, presenting new research topics, first-time presenters, and/or those who have not presented at a recent symposium will be considered.

Travel funding priority goes to those making presentations, but please know that everyone is welcome to attend the symposium even if we are unable to include your talk on the program. We provide lodging and meals in Woods Hole, and typically reimburse full travel expenses for those selected to give presentations. Selection decisions are made based on a review of submitted abstracts.

Please submit a one-page Word document abstract including your name, FIR class year and your current institution. Abstracts should be uploaded to: The abstract submission deadline is April 1, 2022. You should plan for a concise 10-minute PowerPoint presentation. Those submitting abstracts will be notified about speaker selections shortly thereafter. Selected speakers will be provided contact information for our travel agent who assist in making pre-paid flight reservations for your trip. We will also send you registration and lodging registration details at that time.

2022 FIR Symposium Announcements

Luigi Mastroianni Memorial Lecturer

Félix A. Rey, Ph.D.
Head of Structure,
Professor of Virology
Institut Pasteur, Paris

Mike McClure Pioneer Award

Patricia Hunt, Ph.D.
Meyer Distinguished Professor,
School of Molecular Bioscience 
Washington State University, Pullman

Jerry Strauss Beacon Awards

Paula Cohen, Ph.D.
Professor of Genetics
Director, Center for Reproductive Genomics
Associate Vice Provost for Life Sciences
Cornell University

Paula Stein, Ph.D.
Biologist, Reproductive Medicine Group
National Institutes of Environmental Health & Safety

Distinguished Alumni Award

Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri, Ph.D. (FIR2006)
University Lecturer in Physiology
Lister Institute for Preventative Medicine Research Fellow
Cambridge University, UK