What helps researchers solve biology’s fundamental mysteries?
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We gather scientists and students from around the world to answer biology’s big questions.

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MBL Researchers, Course Participants Elected to National Academy of Sciences
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Five Former MBL Undergrads Awarded NSF Fellowships
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'Mind-Boggling' Scrambled Genome Found in Octopus and Squid. It Could Explain their Smarts | Live Science
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MBL by the numbers

We gather 1,000 scientists and students from around the world each year.

60 Nobel Prize winners have ties to the MBL.

MBL scientists have studied more than 200 different kinds of marine organisms.

The MBL hosts over 100 high school students every year.

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Diversity & Inclusion at the MBL

Since 1888, the MBL has hosted thousands of researchers, students and faculty from all over the world. It is precisely this wealth in perspectives and experiences that makes our community unique. For this reason, the lab strives to maintain a welcoming environment where diverse perspectives and experiences are combined with an atmosphere of collaboration and training in efforts to advance scientific inquiry and discovery.

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