Resident Faculty

Anne E. Giblin, Interim Director, Senior Scientist
Zoe G. Cardon, Senior Scientist
Kenneth Foreman, Research Scholar
Ketil Koop-Jakobsen, Assistant Scientist
James McClelland, Senior Scientist
Edward B. Rastetter, Senior Scientist
Emil Ruff, Assistant Scientist
Jianwu Tang, Senior Scientist
Mirta Teichberg, Associate Scientist
Joseph J. Vallino, Senior Scientist

Distinguished and Emeritus Scientists

John E. Hobbie, Distinguished Scientist
Jerry M. Melillo, Distinguished Scientist
Bruce J. Peterson, Senior Scientist Emeritus
Gaius R. Shaver, Senior Scientist Emeritus
Paul A. Steudler, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus
Ivan Valiela, Distinguished Scientist

Research Scientists and Investigators

Inke Forbrich, Research Scientist
Javier Lloret, Research Scientist
Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, Assistant Research Investigator
Elena Lopez Peredo, Research Scientist

MBL Fellows and Adjunct Scientists

Maureen H. Conte, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Linda A. Deegan, Woods Hole Research Center
Robert Howarth, Cornell University
Christopher Neill, Woods Hole Research Center

Research Associates & Postdoctoral Scientists

Olivia Ahern, Postdoctoral Scientist (Vallino)
David W. Kicklighter, Research Associate (Melillo)
Agustín Moreira Saporiti, Postdoctoral Scientist (Teichberg)
Molly Moynihan, Postdoctoral Scientist (Ruff)
Joaquim Oller, Senior Research Associate (Cardon)
Sherlynette Perez CastroPostdoctoral Scientist (Cardon)
Ioannis Tsakalakis, Postdoctoral Scientist (Vallino)
Yongli Zhou, Postdoctoral Scientist (Forbrich)

Research Assistants

Kelsey Chenoweth, Research Assistant (Valiela)
Catherine Crowley, Research Assistant (Ruff)
Melanie Hayn, Research Assistant (Howarth)
Samuel Kelsey, Research Assistant (Giblin)
Bonnie L. Kwiatkowski, Research Assistant (Rastetter)
Bjorn Larson, Research Assistant (Shaver)
James A. Laundre, Senior Research Assistant (Rastetter)
Mikaela Martiros, Research Assistant (Forbrich)
Richard McHorney, Senior Research Assistant (Neill)
Risa McNellis, Research Assistant (Giblin)
Sarah Merolla, Research Assistant (Teichberg)
Margaret O'Brien, Research Assistant (Giblin)
Marshall L. Otter, Senior Research Assistant (Stable Isotope Lab)
Suzanne Thomas, Senior Research Assistant (Cardon)
Jane Tucker, Senior Research Assistant (Giblin)
J.C. Weber, Senior Research Assistant (Conte)

Center Administration

Kelly Holzworth, Senior Research Administrator

Aileen Jensen, Senior Research Coordinator

Semester in Environmental Science (SES) Administration

Mirta Teichberg, Director, SES
mteichberg at

Sung Bin Park, SES Coordinator
spark at