The policies contained herein apply to all course directors, scientific course consultants (faculty), lecturers, and staff, as well as to any student whose participation in a course provides for reimbursement of travel expenses.

1) General Policy Information

  • Current mileage and per diem rates are indicated on the Travel Reimbursement Request form.
  • Due to our funding cycles, requests for travel reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of your departure from MBL. Forms submitted after 60 days will not be processed.
  • Documentation is required for reimbursement. All receipts (original, scanned or electronic) must show proof of payment information and be submitted along with the reimbursement form. Email forms to
    • Any receipts that are not written in English must be submitted with an accompanying translation and currency conversion. Please use for conversions. The MBL will only reimburse in U.S. dollars.
  • Overnight accommodations are not covered.

2) Commercial Airlines or Railway

  • Booking on your own – Include the following considerations when booking your travel:
    • The MBL prefers that you use U.S. based carriers when possible.
    • Make reservations far enough in advance to qualify for discount fares.
    • Be as flexible as possible on flight times and travel days.
  • Rates: Transportation is limited to round-trip coach class transportation only. MBL does not reimburse flight change fees, upgrades or costs incurred for layovers.

3) Personal Vehicles

  • Mileage (the MBL rate includes the cost of fuel)
    • Mileage to and from airports, or to and from the MBL, will be reimbursed at a rate set forth by the MBL and indicated on the reimbursement form; the total amount reimbursed may not exceed the average cost of round-trip coach class airfare.
    • Documentation – Miles traveled should be indicated on the Travel Reimbursement Request Form and accompanied by a route map (Google Maps; MapQuest, etc.) to verify the distance traveled.
  • Parking –Attach receipts for airport/railway parking at point of origin to your reimbursement form.
  • Local Travel – Personal travel such as to restaurants, movies, etc. is not reimbursable.
  • Damage to Vehicle – Not covered by MBL

4) Rental Vehicles

  • Rental Cars are reimbursed at the Peter Pan bus rate. Reimbursement beyond that rate requires prior approval from the Director of Education using the Special Request Form.

5) Ground Transportation

  • To Woods Hole from local airports – Ground transportation reimbursement to and from Logan Airport (Boston) or TF Green Airport (Providence) will be reimbursed at the cost of a Peter Pan Bus ticket; original receipts for travel must be submitted
  • Ground transportation expenses at point of origin
    • Reimbursement – Ground transportation reimbursement to and from the airport at your point of origin will be provided as follows:
      • Travel by taxi, limo, shuttle, Uber/Lyft, etc. will be reimbursed for mileage only, at the rate set forth by the MBL. Travelers should claim this expense on the Personal Vehicle Mileage line on the Travel Reimbursement Request Form.
    • Ground transportation expenses incurred for personal travel such as to restaurants, movies, etc. are not reimbursable.

6) Meals

  • Meals incurred on travel days will be reimbursed at the listed MBL rate or based on receipts not in excess of the daily rate.

7) Exceptions to these policies, including appropriate rationale, must be made to the Director of Education using the Special Request Form.