The shuttle service has ended for the 2023 season.

A free passenger shuttle makes round trips every weekday and Saturday mornings between MBL's off-campus Devil's Lane parking lot and the Lillie Building located at 7 MBL Street in Woods Hole village. The shuttle is available for registered MBL personnel and other authorized users.

Last shuttle to Devils Lane leaves at 7:30PM M-F and at 11:30AM on Saturday. Please Note: There is no shuttle service Saturday afternoons, Sundays, or holidays.

For Safety: No fishing poles or animals allowed on vans or buses at any time.

Seat Belts and Car Seats: Children must ride in federally approved child safety seats until they are at least 8 years old or over 57 inches tall. Children older than 8 years old or taller than 57 inches tall must wear safety belts. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult/parent.

Directions to Devil's Lane Parking Lot: If you are coming to Woods Hole via Woods Hole Road, you will want to take your first left (FR Lillie Road) after the WHOI Campus Entrance (also on left). Follow FR Lillie to the end then take a right onto Oyster Pond Road. Follow Oyster Pond till your first driveway on the left located at 300 Oyster Pond Road. There is an MBL sign that reads "Devil's Lane Parking Lot".

For more information, Email Bob Kaski or call 508-289-7326. Please see this page for the policy for using the shuttle for MBL-related trips.

Shuttle Schedule Monday - Friday

Click here to download a PDF of the schedule.

Due to traffic congestion beyond the driver's control, the shuttle schedule may fluctuate occasionally.

Leave Lillie Leave Devil's Lane Leave Lillie Leave Devil's Lane
7:00AM 7:15AM 12:00PM 12:15PM
7:30 7:45 12:30 12:45
8:00 8:15 1:00 1:15
8:30 8:45 1:30 1:45
9:00 9:15 2:00 2:15
9:30 9:45 2:30 2:45
10:00 10:15 3:00 3:15
10:30 10:45 3:30 3:45
11:00 11:15 4:00 4:15
11:30 11:45 4:30 4:45
    5:00 5:15
    5:30 5:45
    6:00 6:15
    6:30 6:45
    7:00 7:15
    7:30 7:45


Saturday Morning Schedule

Leave Lillie Leave Devil's Lane Leave Lillie Leave Devil's Lane
8:00 AM 8:15 AM 10:00 AM 10:15 AM
8:30 8:45 10:30 10:45
9:00 9:15 11:00 11:15
9:30 9:45 11:30 11:45