Financial Information

Tuition: $3800.00. Room & Board: $950.00. 

Unfortunately, MBL financial aid is very limited for this program.

This course has been approved by The Histochemical Society for HCS Travel Awards in Imaging and Histochemistry. Further information is available at

Course Support

Major support: Hamamatsu, Leica, PCO/Excelitas, Olympus, Zeiss 

Additional support: Abbelight, Abberior, Arivis, AVR Optics, Axiom Optics, BioVision, Bitplane, Bruker, Caliber ID, Chroma, Coherent, Ibidi, ISS, Mizar, Nanolive, Nikon, Thermofisher, Thorlabs, TomoCube, and VisiTech, and others who are yet to be confirmed!