Electron Microscopy
Services are based on a Zeiss 10CA transmission electron microscope and a JEOL 840 scanning electron microscope (with cryo stage and EDS, supported by preparative and ancillary equipment such as ultramicrotomes, sputter coaters, etc. A Balzers freeze-etch apparatus is available. Both microscopes record images via photographic film or video format. A printing darkroom is also available.

Light Microscopy (including confocal)
Houses light microscopy and photomicroscopy equipment. State-of-the-art optical microscopy equipment for techniques such as phase, darkfield, fluorescence, polarization, and DIC available though the courtesy of Carl Zeiss, Inc. Pol-Scope accessories are courtesy of CRI, Inc. Available are the Axioplan II Imaging, Photomicroscope III, SV11 dissecting unit, and accessories for 35-mm photography and digital or video imaging with enhancement.

Cameras from Diagnostic Instruments (SPOT RT), Hamamatsu Photonics (Orca), Optronics and Zeiss (Axiocam) are available. A Zeiss inverted LSM-510 laser scanning confocal system will be available for the summer. It will be equipped for triple labeled fluorescence and outfitted for high resolution DIC. Integral to the microscope will be a computer workstation with image processing, 3D reconstruction, and lapse software.

Universal Imaging Corporation MetaMorph and Metafluor image processing and analysis systems are available and capable of interfacing with the CMF’s light and electron microscopes.

A cryostat, a paraffin microtome, and a Vibratome are also available.
The facility also has a supply of liquid nitrogen for purchase.

Microscopy preparative technique services and training
The facility offers a full range of expert support including fixation, embedding, sectioning, staining, and microscope time. Inquiries should be made regarding special technique requirements.

A series of regularly scheduled seminars will provide an introduction to TEM, SEM, LM, and LSCM. These may be useful to individuals planning a project but who have limited knowledge of the appropriate technique.

View the MBL Central Microscopy Facility (CMF) Guide.

For a complete list of services and prices, and to inquire about requests for specific instrumentation contact:
Louie Kerr
Director, Imaging Services; Staff Scientist
Tel: (508) 289-7273
Fax: (508) 540-6902
E-mail: lkerr@mbl.edu