Financial Information

Tuition: $2000.00; Room & Board: $1235.00. The admissions process at the Marine Biological Laboratory is need-blind, meaning that we evaluate students on their merits alone, without weighing their financial situations. Financial assistance will be considered for those admitted students who are in need. Upon acceptance, students will be asked to complete a financial aid request form if they need assistance.

In 2022, 100% of those students in this course who requested financial aid received some support. The amount of financial aid available from the MBL varies by course based on funding from grants and scholarships, but typically covers 50-100% of student need.

Course Support

This course is supported with funds provided by:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
NIH / National Institute of Child Health & Human Development
Society for Developmental Biology

Special thanks to The Company of Biologists which provides a scholarship for Gene Regulatory Networks for Development course students.

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