NSF REU Biological Discovery in Woods Hole
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The NSF REU Biological Discovery in Woods Hole (BDWH) Program is designed as an intensive, 10-week experience for undergraduates at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The major portion of each student’s time will be dedicated to an individual research project under the direction of one of the participating mentors.

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NSF REU – Plum Island LTER
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The Marine Biological Laboratory is seeking applicants for two 10-week positions in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The successful applicants will work as part of a large-scale, multi-disciplinary project examining the effects of sea-level, climate change, and changes in human land use of the marshes, estuaries and watersheds surrounding Plum Island Sound, MA.

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The Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP)
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The Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP) at the Marine Biological Laboratory offers paid experiential learning opportunities for Commonwealth of Massachusetts public high school, state college & university, and community college students to build their professional experience, skills, and knowledge related to the life sciences, technology, and the Blue Economy.

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Microbial Diversity and Physicochemical Niches in Coral Skeletons

Researchers at MBL are using Astrangia poculata, a local coral species, as a model system to better understand the roles of endolithic microbes in coral physiology and to how these microbial communities respond to change. This summer internship would focus on Astrangia poculata samples collected in 2023 at different locations around Woods Hole, and the student would be involved in preparing these samples for DNA extraction and sequencing of microbial communities.

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University of Chicago Internship Opportunities
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Opportunities available for undergraduate scholars from the University of Chicago to partake in a twelve-week summer research experience hosted at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Massachusetts. Students work collaboratively with scientists to develop research projects that integrate the unique resources available at the MBL.

Jeff Metcalf Summer for Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF)

The University of Chicago Biological Sciences Collegiate Division Research Fellowship: “Working with Non-Traditional Model Organisms in the Biological Sciences”

Dartmouth College E.E. Just Internship
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Open to Dartmouth College Undergraduates Only

The E.E. Just Internship at the Marine Biological Laboratory provides Dartmouth College students with a unique opportunity to work alongside leading scientists at the very institution where E.E. Just made many of his important scientific discoveries.

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Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP)
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The Partnership Education Program (PEP) is hosted by the six Woods Hole Science Institutions in collaboration with the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. The program combines course work with directed independent research in earth and ocean science. The summer interns will spend 4 weeks in a summer course that surveys global climate change from the perspective the four oceanographic sub-disciplines and will also incorporate marine policy and management. 

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Independent Internships

Individual investigators at the MBL have various funded opportunities each year for undergraduates to do field- and laboratory-based research as part of that investigator’s research program. 

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Ecosystems Center Paid Internship

The Ecosystems Center Paid Internship is closed at this time. 

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The MBL Ecosystems Center is seeking an intern who can commit to work 11 weeks during the period June 5-August 26, 2022 on water quality issues in coastal ponds and estuaries.  The intern will assist with research on response of a pond to nutrient mitigation and remediation resulting from wastewater diversion. 

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