The Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP)

The Blue Economy Internship Program (BEIP) at the Marine Biological Laboratory offers paid experiential learning opportunities for Commonwealth of Massachusetts public high school, state college & university, and community college students to build their professional experience, skills, and knowledge related to the life sciences, technology, and the Blue Economy. We are seeking applicants to fill the current opportunities listed below.

Who Can Apply: These internships are available to students attending public schools (high schools, colleges & universities) in the state of Massachusetts. Click HERE for a list of MA public colleges & universities. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to apply.

Current Opportunities

Internship Description:  Assist the Education Department with research on student outcomes including tracking alumni career paths, publications, and outreach activities. While previous experience with excel is preferred, the intern will be guided and trained in each of these activities and will gain valuable administrative experience in scientific grant reporting development, evaluation and assessment, analytical skills, technical skills in research output operating systems, and how these are utilized and applied in a scientific institution. 

Skills/Interests Required:  Experience with Excel and/or MAC Numbers preferred

8 – 12 hours per week; onsite training to start and then position is remote

In this internship, students will learn how CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing works and how it is used to study basic biology and biomedicine. The student will use CRISPR to edit genes involved in aging and reproduction in rotifers (microscopic, aquatic, invertebrate animals) and characterize how the change in gene DNA sequence affects the organism’s phenotype. This project involves conducting a range of molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics analyses. Additional activities include microscopy, data entry and analysis, and culturing phytoplankton and zooplankton. The student will create and characterize one or more CRISPR-edited mutant lineages and will write a short paper documenting their project. Students should have some familiarity with fundamental concepts in biology, but prior laboratory experience is not required; all necessary training will be provided.

12 – 24 hours per week for 3 to 5 months

Research internship is available at the Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution for motivated individuals who wish to explore the basic research environment in a molecular genetics lab. We are studying the genetic basis of environmental stress responses in model and non-model organisms, such as fungi and rotifers. The project will involve measurement and comparative analysis of growth rates in wild-type and mutant strains of the model filamentous fungus Neurospora under environmentally relevant stress conditions, such as addition of transition metals or other stressors to the growth media. It would also involve maintenance of the laboratory rotifer cultures, aimed at evaluating their response to similar environmental stresses under relevant laboratory conditions. The resulting data will be analyzed using statistical methods. In the end, a written report will be prepared by the intern to summarize the findings and formulate conclusions.

Skills/Interests Required:  A basic understanding of fundamental biological concepts is highly desirable; attention to detail and willingness to learn is required.

10-15 hours per week, up to 5 months

Specific Projects

  • NAV Vendor Data Table:  advance identification of supplier profiles to be moved to new system; and advance effort for soliciting and organizing ACH details for recurring supplier profiles. The intern will be provided with electronic files of NAV suppliers, and based on criteria provided by MBL, will initiate outreach for solicitation of ACH details. 
  • NAV Purchase Order Table:  review dated POs lingering in Nav that probably should be closed.  The intern will be provided with a list of POs/cc managers and will send each cc manager a list of POs to review and mark okay to close, then the intern will initiate the closure of the record, with guided supervision.
  • NAV Gift Restrictions Fields:  review of data within two existing databases to identify inconsistencies and omissions, initiate approved updates, and compile single database for forward use.  The intern will be provided with existing databases, instruction, and guidance/ oversight.
  • Data File Organization with the File Manager Software:  key electronic files retained electronically within a shared drive environment require rearrangement of subfolder filing scheme and archiving of older files.  The intern will be provided with before and after subfolder filing scheme and date ranges for archiving, and written instruction for tasks to accomplish, with guided supervision.

Experience Benefits to the Intern

  • Glean visibility into four functional areas within the financial services team, as well as engage with multiple team members which allows the intern to experience differing styles of management and instruction.
  • Opportunity to work on attention-to-detail skills and to apply a willingness-to-learn attitude.

This internship experience is best suited for a student within or contemplating future studies within Computer Science, Accountancy, or Financial Support fields, but a specific field of study is not a requirement.

Flexible weekday hours through June, 2024

Specific Projects

  • Analysis of transactional database using Excel tools to filter and identify and document proper expense period recognition.
  • Compile five specific data analysis efforts and update results within annual audit/tax workpapers.  The intern would be provided with prior year files, instruction, and guidance/oversight.
  • Compile additional specific data analysis efforts like those cited above, but of a more complex nature, should time permit.

Experience Benefits to the Intern

  • Glean visibility into how accounting data is utilized and organized by a company in preparation for satisfying its annual audit and tax filing requirements.
  • Opportunity to work on attention-to-detail skills and to apply a willingness-to-learn attitude.  This role emphasizes problem solving more so than math.

This internship experience is best suited for a student within or contemplating future studies within Public Accountancy, Accountancy, Tax, or Business fields, but a specific field of study is not a requirement.

Flexible weekday hours through June, 2024