Water Kiosk and Bottle Refill Stations

water kiosk photo

The water bottle refill station in MBL’s Waterfront Park provides taps for refilling water bottles and even a water bowl for pets.

The kiosk is part of a larger initiative (co-sponsored by the Falmouth Water Stewards and the Town of Falmouth) to call attention to the need to reduce use of single-use plastic water bottles and their impacts to the environment, promote the quality of Falmouth’s public drinking water, and provide a refreshing amenity to residents and visitors.

Funding for the Woods Hole water bottle refill station was provided by the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woodwell Climate Research Center and the Woods Hole Business Association.

For your convenience the MBL has two water bottle refilling stations located in the Swope Center (1st floor near vending machines) and in the Lillie Building (1st floor outside of Lillie 103). As well as many traditional water fountains located throughout campus.