Eugene Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering
Research in the Center is intended to elucidate the molecular, genetic and cellular mechanisms underlying the growth and replacement of highly differentiated tissues during development, physiological turnover and repair following injury.
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A max projection of a Euprymna chromatophore organ. Credit: Carrie Albertin & Steve Senft
A max projection of a Euprymna chromatophore organ. Credit: Carrie Albertin & Steve Senft

Recent Publications

Roberson, L.Grebe, G., Arzeno-Soltero, I., Bailey, D., Chan, S., Davis, K., Goudey, C., Kite-Powell, H., Lindell, S., Manganelli, D., Marty-Rivera, M., Ng, C., Rollano, F., Saenz, B., Van Cise, A., Waters, T., Yang, Z., & Yarish, C. (2024). Developing Cultivation Systems and Better Management Practices for Caribbean Tropical Seaweeds in US Waters. In Tropical Phyconomy Coalition Development (Vol. 11, pp. 121–141). Springer Nature.

Buresch, K. C., Huget, N. D., Brister, W. C., Zhou, E. Y., Lineaweaver, A. S., Rifai, C., Hu, J., Stevenson, Z. E., Boal, J. G., & Hanlon, R. T. (2024). Evidence for tactile 3D shape discrimination by octopus. Journal of Comparative Physiology A.

Bao, Y., Marin, Z., Zhang, C., Neugebauer, K., Baddeley, D., Shribak, M., & Bewersdorf, J. (2024). A correlative quantitative phase contrast and fluorescence super-resolution microscope for imaging molecules in their cellular context. Biophysical Journal123(3), 290a.

Nakamura, M., Kyoda, T., Yoshida, H., Takebayashi-Suzuki, K., Koike, R., Takahashi, E., Moriyama, Y., Wlizla, M., Horb, M. E., & Suzuki, A. (2024). Injury-induced cooperation of InhibinβA and JunB is essential for cell proliferation in Xenopus tadpole tail regeneration. Scientific Reports14, 3679.

Perillo, M., Sepe, R. M., Paganos, P., Toscano, A., & Annunziata, R. (2024). Sea cucumbers: An emerging system in evo-devo. EvoDevo15(1), 3.

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