Whether you’re in Woods Hole or halfway around the world, join us for this venerable MBL event bringing our local and global communities together live from the newly named Cornelia Clapp Auditorium.

Suggestions for future Friday Evening Lecturers are welcome and may be sent to FEL@mbl.edu.

June 18 - “The Biological Revolution in Mental Health Care and its Aftermath: Why It Happened, Why it Stalled, and What Might Happen Next”

E.B. Wilson History and Philosophy of Science Lecture
Anne Harrington, Harvard University

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June 25 - “How I Have Scientific Fun: Discoveries, Mechanisms, Therapeutics, and Learning”

Glassman Lecture
Timothy Springer, Harvard Medical School

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July 2 - “Understanding Human Origins, From the Bottom of the Sea”

Segal Lecture
Peter de Menocal, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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July 9 - “A Liquid Paradigm for Biological Organization”

Porter Lecture
Clifford Brangwynne, Princeton University; HHMI

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July 16 - “The Future of Brain Disorder Treatment: Breakthrough Technologies and Ethics”

Forbes Lecture
Guoping Feng, McGovern Institute

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July 23 - ​​​​​​​"How Do You Feel: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Itch, Touch and Pain"

Diana Bautista, University of California, Berkeley

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July 30 - “Epigenetics—Not Genetics—Specifies Complex Behavior in Ant Societies”

Shelley Berger, University of Pennsylvania

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August 6 - “Phage Therapy to Combat Infections by Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria”

Paul Turner, Yale University

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August 13 - ​​​​​​​“Big, Diverse, and Standardized: The Use of NEON Data in Scientific Discovery”

Paula Mabee, National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), Battelle

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