Biomedical Fellows

Hilary Brueck SJP
Hilary Brueck

Hilary Brueck is the health correspondent at Insider. She writes regularly about infectious diseases, vaccine R&D, and other issues of public health interest. She’s been on the COVID-19 beat for the past 2+ years. Hilary is a firm believer that experience is one of the best teachers. The stories she tells are often informed by her previous life as a Peace Corps volunteer and English teacher on Madagascar’s vanilla coast. Hilary was a 2019 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution fellow and is excited to return to the village this summer and learn how to analyze her own oral microbiome and conduct gene editing.

Ambika Kandasamy SJP
Ambika Kandasamy

Ambika Kandasamy is an independent journalist. She got her start in reporting and editing at the San Francisco Public Press, where she covered stem-cell politics, climate-change policies, and other topics. Since then, she has worked as news editor at GlobalPost (part of Public Radio International), managing editor at Shareable and audience engagement editor at Frontline (PBS). She was awarded the Women Immigrants Fellowship by New America Media in 2012. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University.

Blacki Migliozzi SJP
Blacki Migliozzi (coming 2023)

Blacki Migliozzi is currently a graphics editor at The New York Times, where he develops data-driven stories and interactive visualizations. Prior, he worked at Bloomberg, both in their R&D department and as a data journalist at Bloomberg News. Over the years he has reported on diverse topics ranging from the climate crisis, the spread of coronavirus, police brutality and misconduct, and elections.

Judith Pyke SJP
Judith Pyke

Judith Pyke is an award-winning director, writer, and producer whose work has aired on networks all over the world. She is currently in production on a documentary that will air on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) preeminent science and nature strand, The Nature of Things. In 2019, she produced, directed, and wrote Living Colour for CBC, which featured scientists who are fascinated by how we experience color and people who see color in unique ways. The film won a Silver Medal Award for Best Direction and a Finalist Award for Best Documentary – Science and Technology at the New York Festivals. Two of her recent films were nominated for a Canadian Screen Award (Canada’s version of the Emmys): Inseparable (2019) and Cracking Cancer (2018).

Matt Reynolds SJP
Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds is a senior writer at WIRED magazine, where he writes about food, climate change, and biodiversity. His first book, The Future of Food: How to Feed the Planet without Destroying It was published by Penguin in December 2021. Before joining WIRED, Matt was a technology reporter at New Scientist magazine.

Frank Swain SJP
Frank Swain

Frank Swain is managing editor of CORDIS, the European Commission’s main communications portal for EU-funded research. A biology and environmental sciences graduate, he has been writing about science for print, TV, and radio for the past 15 years, with credits at the BBC, Dazed Digital, Grow, Hakai, Slate, Vice, Wired, and many more. Born in the United Kingdom, he lives in Barcelona, Spain.  

Environmental Fellows

Alla Katsnelson SJP
Alla Katsnelson

Alla Katsnelson is an independent science journalist based in Northampton, Massachusetts. She has written about health, biology, and the environment for The New York Times, Undark, BBC Focus and other publications. She earned her doctorate studying how rats' whiskers wire up with their brains and is an alumna of the UC Santa Cruz science journalism program. Her writing on health and medical research has been supported by fellowships from Association of Health Care Journalists and others. 

Morgan McFall-Johnsen

Morgan McFall-Johnsen is a science reporter at Insider. She covers the environment, extreme weather, and research that illuminates the workings of this planet as well as the worlds beyond it. In her hometown of Chicago, she previously  documented government meetings for City Bureau. Today she loves to hike and prepare ambitious campfire meals, so it's no wonder she used to write for Backpacker Magazine and its sister publication SNEWS (now Outside Business Journal). She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northwestern University, where she also studied environmental policy and investigated a criminal conviction with the Medill Justice Project. 

Sofia Moutinho SJP
Sofia Moutinho

Sofia Moutinho is a Brazilian science journalist currently working as a freelancer. Her work has appeared in Science, Nature, NPR, Mother Jones, The Center for Public Integrity, and other platforms. She grew up in the rainforest in Rio de Janeiro and is particularly interested in covering natural sciences, the environment, and climate change. In 2021, with Columbia Journalism Investigations, she worked on the Hidden Epidemics series about how climate change affects the health of Americans. Her stories in the series won first place in the 2020 American Association of Health Care Journalists Awards and an honorable mention in the 2020 National Press Foundation's Thomas L. Stokes Award. She holds a B.A. in journalism from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a M.A. in science journalism from Columbia University.

Melba Newsome SJP
Melba Newsome (coming 2023)

Melba Newsome is an award-winning health, science, and environmental reporter with feature credits in many national publications, including Scientific American, Bloomberg Businessweek, WIRED Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report. She was a 2021 Environmental Solutions Initiative Journalism fellow and publishes The Coastal Plains Environmental Advocate.

Sonali Prasad SJP
Sonali Prasad

Sonali Prasad is a writer and artist from India currently examining ecological ruptures and the entanglement of land, time, and memory. She experiments with traditional and creative media practices, including longform reporting, data, documentary, installations, poetry, and visual art. Her journalism has been published in outlets such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, Hakai Magazine, Mongabay, Quartz, and Esquire Singapore. She was a 2021 TED fellow and a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT in 2019-20, where she researched earthquakes. In addition, she is a former Google News Lab Fellow and Pulitzer Traveling Fellow. Her team's investigative work on foreign fossil fuel investments made under the Obama administration received an 'Honorable Mention' in the Outstanding Explanatory Reporting category at the Society of Environmental Journalists Awards in 2017.

Molly Segal SJP
Molly Segal

Molly Segal is a producer with What On Earth, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s national radio program dedicated to climate change solutions. Always ready for a reporting adventure, Molly's toolkit includes bear spray and binoculars along with microphones and a recorder. Her long-form audio documentary work has taken her up in helicopters over remote mountain tops, to the side of scree slopes looking for fossils, or riding along with scientists capturing grizzlies. She was a 2019-2020 MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow, where she researched how people relate to large, toothy animals. She has given talks about field reporting to universities in Canada, the U.S., and Germany.

Paul Tullis SJP
Paul Tullis

Paul Tullis has written for more than 50 print, digital, and broadcast news outlets, including The New Yorker, The New York Times, NY Times Magazine, Scientific American, National Geographic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nature, WIRED Magazine, and NPR's "Morning Edition" about science, technology, the environment, and their intersections, as well as criminal justice, mental health, medical technology, and more. He lives in Amsterdam.