How to Order 


1) Read the FAQ found below

2) Complete the NXR New Account Request form;

3) Review the Frog Stock and Pricing pages and contact for availability and additional details.

QA #1 – How does the MBL invoice?

Invoices will be generated by the MBL’s Accounts Receivable department at the close of each month and sent via postal mail. If you require a purchase order (PO) number on your invoice, it must be provided at the time your order is placed.

QA #2 – How can I pay?

Payment terms are net 30. Instruction to submit payment via Check, Bank Transfer or Credit Card will be on the invoice.

QA #3 – Is an MTA required?

An MTA may be required and we are currently updating that form. We will contact you if it is needed.

QA #4 – Is there a health report available for the frogs?

Yes. There are two options for a health report. We can send you a copy of our quarterly qPCR health testing results. Or, for a $97 fee, we can arrange for our vet to inspect the frogs we are sending to you, and furnish you with a Veterinary Health Certificate.

QA #5 – Who is the veterinarian at the NXR?

The NXR consults with the MBL veterinarian for frog care issues (and for Veterinary Health Certificates). The current MBL vet is Lisa Abbo.

QA #6 – Why do you need a Grant Reference on the New Customer Account form? 

The NXR is funded by an award from the National Institute of Health, Office of the Director, Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) and from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD). The grant number that you are using to pay for the NXR resources/services is critical information when reporting to the NIH who is benefiting from this public resource.

QA #7 – What method of shipping do you use?

For domestic orders, we use Fed EX and ship next day air. At the time of your order we will ask that you provide us with your institutes Fed EX account so that it will be billed direct. Your order should arrive by 12 noon the next day. For international orders we use Validated Courier, who are specialists in live animal shipping. This will also be billed directly through an account they will set up with you before the time of shipment.

QA #8 – Are there certain days (or months, i.e. Xenopus tropicalis) the NXR ships orders out?

For domestic orders, we ship frogs out on Mondays, Tuesday, or Wednesday. For international orders, we ship on Monday or Tuesday. We do not ship frogs if the temperature at the MBL, or at their final destination, is below freezing or predicted to be below freezing at any point during the shipment.

QA #9 – What is the shipping materials charge?

The shipping materials charge covers the cost of the Styrofoam and plastic boxes used to ship the frogs. The shipping materials are charged at cost, and so the cost varies depending on which species, and how many frogs, you order.

QA #10 – Does the NXR accept frogs from my lab that I can no longer use/house?

If you are interested in donating a line to the NXR, please contact us at We are not always able to accept frogs as our quarantine space is limited.

QA #11 – What is included in your “Research Facility Services”?

The Research Facility Services includes lab space, frog use (within reason), common reagents and equipment including picoinjectors, micro manipulators, and a fluorescent stereoscope. If you are interested in using the Research Facility, contact us at for more details regarding what reagents are available.

QA #12 – Is there an order form for me to fill out?

No. To order frogs, once you have your MTA and MBL account set up, e-mail include your name, shipping address, phone number, MBL account number, purchase order (PO) number and the details of your frog order (what line you want, what gender, and how many frogs). We will then contact you to finalize your order and arrange a convenient shipping date.




J Strain Frogs X. laevis


Wild-Type Frogs X. laevis


Wild-Type Frogs X. laevis (Oocyte+ Female)


Wild-Type Frogs. X. tropicalis (Oocyte+ Female)


Wild-Type Frogs. X. tropicalis (Male) 


Mutant/Transgenic Frogs X. laevis and X. tropicalis


Wild-Type or Inbred Embryos (minimum order of 50 embryos)

$1.00 each

Mutant/Transgenic Embryos (minimum order of 50 embryos)*

$1.50 each

Wild-Type tadpole stages: 35-47/48-53/53-60/60-65

$1.50 / $2 / $3 / $5

Cryopreserved Sperm 1 vial


Transgenic tadpole stages (screened): 35-47/48-53/53-60/60-65

$2 / $3 / $4 / $6 

Froglets newly metamorphosed 4-6mo/6-8mo/8-10mo 

$10 / $20 / $30 / $35




 Custom Transgenic Xenopus line**


 Custom Knockout Xenopus line**


 Custom CRISPR sgRNA Construct


 Research Facility Service***



Tank Rentals


 Large Tank (40L)

$14.00/tank per day

 Small Tank (23L)

$7.00/tank per day

*A surcharge of $55 for a transgenic male, $40 for a Wild-Type X. laevis male, or $50 for a Wild-Type X. tropicalis male is added to the order. If screening of transgenic embryos is requested, a $25 surcharge will be added. 

**For more information on custom lines please contact

***Includes lab space, frogs, and common reagents