Dartmouth College E.E. Just Internship

The E.E. Just Internship at the Marine Biological Laboratory provides Dartmouth College students with a unique opportunity to work alongside leading scientists at the very institution where E.E. Just made many of his important scientific discoveries.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to conduct research with world leaders in molecular and cell biology, neurobiology and behavior, physiology, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, and environmental science. This is a great opportunity for the budding scientist curious about the life sciences.

Dartmouth College Undergraduates with sufficient background in biology/chemistry and who are committed to the mission of the E.E. Just Program, are eligible to apply.

Application deadline: May 15th

Mentor List – MBL Resident Faculty and Research Scientists:

Lisa Abbo
Irina Arkhipova
Zoe Cardon
Maureen Conte
Karen Echeverri
Anne Giblin
Kristin Gribble
Roger Hanlon
Marko Horb
Ketil Koop-Jakobsen
Abhishek Kumar
Javier Lloret
David Mark Welch
Jessica Mark Welch
Jennifer Morgan
Hilary Morrison
Rudolf Oldenbourg
Blair Paul
Nipam Patel
Rut Pedrosa Pamies
Elena Lopez Peredo
Ed Rastetter
Loretta Roberson
Josh Rosenthal
Emil Ruff
Mirta Teichberg
Joe Vallino