Dorms: Swope/Ebert/Brick Apartment Suites/Drew/David/Veeder

  • Private/semi-private bathrooms cleaned weekly, public bathrooms cleaned daily.
  • Room trash removed weekly.
  • Towels are changed weekly.
  • Clean bed linens provided; placed in room weekly.
  • Please bring your own toiletries.
  • Hallways and public areas swept/vacuumed as needed.
  • Recycle bins provided in common areas.

Cottages/Apartments/Smith Cottage/Crane House/11 North Street

  • Cleaned prior to arrival.
  • Occupant cleans during stay and prior to departure cleans according to specifications in Check Out Notice
  • Trash placed in dumpster (apartments), in outdoor trash cans and recycle bin (cottages/Smith/Crane). Trash is picked up on Monday mornings by roadside.

Housekeeping Services for Conference Groups at all locations except cottages

  • Provide fresh linen/towels weekly.
  • Bathrooms cleaned weekly.
  • Trash removed weekly.
  • Carpet sweeping/vacuuming provided as needed.


  • Credit / Debit Card operated laundry facilities are available on the ground floor of Swope, in the basements of Ebert Hall and the Brick Apartments, and in Pilot House located near the cottages.
  • Prepaid Credit cards are available for purchase at the Swope front desk.
  • It is suggested you bring your own detergent but detergent is available at the Swope front desk.

Bed linens, blankets, pillows, and towels are provided in all types of housing.  In Dormitories, clean linens are delivered to your room weekly.  Cottage and apartment occupants receive linens upon arrival and are responsible for laundering linens during their stay.  You will need to provide your own beach towel.


To receive mail at the MBL, you must register upon arrival in the Mail Room, located in the basement of Lillie. Your address will be:

Your name / Course or affiliated room number
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543


Some suggestions for what to bring:

  • Bring an alarm clock.  No clocks are provided in MBL housing.
  • Bring beach towels.  None are provided by the MBL.
  • Bring a bike if you have one, with a lock.  There are many bike racks and you may register for the Bike storeroom.  Bikes are not allowed in the dorms.
  • Please bring your own toiletry supplies.


Telephones are available in dormitories and apartments.  Please check the Information Technology web site for details.

  • Cottages: Telephones provided.
  • Emergency Call Boxes can be found in Ebert Hall, the Brick Apartment Building, and outside of Swope.

Recycling and Trash:

The MBL actively recycles electronic equipment, paper, packaging material, glass, and plastic. Recycling containers are positioned and recycling notices are posted throughout the campus.

 Trash removal:

  • Dormitories/Apartments/Wooden Houses: Trash is removed by the housekeeping staff daily from common areas. 
  • Cottages: Trash must be placed by the roadside by 7 AM on Mondays.


Medical Syringes must be placed into a protective container for disposal, email Safety Office if container needed